Day 91: Getting back to running is HARD

Tips on getting back into running.

–       Take it slow (I’m not very good at this) but I’ll start with the 3 miles and gradually increase it up to the 10 mile mark)

–       Journal. (Good thing I have this blog) keep track of everything. Distance, time to complete, how you felt, number of runs, etc.

–        Set weekly goal– achievable ones.  My plan is to get at least 100 miles in the month of December.
Wk. 1- 21 miles (average 3 miles daily)

Wk. 2- 28 miles (average 4 miles daily

Wk. 3- 35 miles (average 5 miles daily)

Wk. 4 – 35 miles (average 5 miles daily)

–       Routine is Key: stick to your plan. Go everyday even if it means you walk the whole way or even try a run walk interval and make a game of it.

My new manthra

My new manthra


I am completely disgusted with myself. I have all but lost the desire to go out and run. Ok maybe I have the desire; I just don’t have the will, or is it the other way round.

Anyways since the marathon, I have only been out running twice and both times not more than 3 miles.  Only twice in two weeks. …..WTF??!!!


Last night I was determined to get back on track. I even put out my clothes so that I could get into them immediately I got out of bed. This morning my alarm clock rang at 5.31. I mentally shouted at myself to get out of bed and go ran. I did not want to. I finally pulled myself out of bed at around 5:33 and even got as far as getting dressed. The whole time I was telling myself I how I should get back into bed, how I did not have even the tiniest bit of desire to get out. The sane part of my brain keep shouting all those positive slogans you read about “ you only regret the run you don’t take, blah….blah… blah and so on.


Anyway you know what I did??? I took off my running clothes and got BACK into bed. What the Bloody Hell!!!!

Yup. I went back to sleep and when I got up about 2hrs later, I was completely disgusted with myself. How could I be so weak? I know what I need to be doing but yet I can’t seem to be able to take the next step.


Tomorrow is the first of December and I will run everyday this month if it kills me. I have a set a goal (yes another goal no need to roll your eyes) and I am going to run all 31 days of December. Not only that, but my goal is to get 100 miles done.  No more excuses.

100 miles in December

100 miles in December challenge


I am looking at different Marathon training programs that I can start on as soon as the New Year begins.  As of Jan, I will have exactly 6 months to prepare for my first marathon of the year.  I’m actually going to have a time goal for this race. I need to get it under 4 hrs. In order to do that, I need to get to goal weight 147lbs preferably lower, and I need to train like a beast. I have 6 months to lose about 20 pounds and build strong muscles for this race. I will not fail.


Day 90: A quickie

don’t have anything worth sharing today. Aunt flo is here and I don’t feel like doing anything. fortunately for me unlike previous times, I don’t feel like eating anything either. there is no chocolate in the house so I cant feast on that I also couldn’t be bothered to leave the house and get some.
Drank lots of mint Tea, ate lots f nuts and tried to Finish christopher Hitchens Biography “Hitch 22”
Ah! but the man had wit

I’m also afraid to weigh in on saturday because I am severely bloated and I always gain an average of 5lbs during TOM. i know its water weight and that it will go away but its thoroughly depressing when I see the number on the scale and it usually leads to a downward spiral of me eating everything in sight. counterproductive I know. But i shall brave the scale and hope to use my brain and know that it is all water weight.

I have my running clothes set out for tomorrow morning. lets hope I actually get up and go. I haven’t had a long run since the marathon and I am hopping I can get in at least 5 miles tomorrow.
That was a longer post that I expected.
make good choices people…….at least try 😉

Day 89: My food in Pictures and running goals


Today I got up at 5:31 as usual and really debated whether I should get up and run. I didn’t feel like it. I told myself I would feel better after i got outside and even happier as I came back after a quick 5K. But no. stubborn old me decided that today would be a rest day.

I’m glad to say that I actually did get in some miles. I had to go to town to run some errands and it ended up being a 4 miles walk  from home and back to town. 1hr 15 minutes. not to bad.

Now that I have nothing to look forward to (running wise) my next race is about 8 months away; I don’t feel motivated to get out and run in the mornings.  I did get out there on monday and tuesday, but its getting harder and harder to get out of bed. unlike  a few weeks ago when all i could think of was i have to go run, i have a marathon is  X days.

So I have decided to set a new goal for myself. I track my runs using NIKE+ and I am currently at 956 miles run. My goal is to get to 1000miles run by the end of this year. its only 44 miles and I have about 32 days left to do it.more than enough time because my minimum run is about 3mi. So every morning when i get the urge to just cover myself up and go back to sleep, i need to keep thinking about the 1000mi badge I will get from Nike.

As far as food is concerned, I have been prepping my stuff in advance andI am pretty much keeping my carbs at around 50g. I can’t seem to give up rice and I had some yesterday which made my carb intake at 69g. I’m glad to say I haven’t been over 100g. Its TOM this week and so i’m sure I will have a gain. I am bloated and feel the need to eat every piece of chocolate in sight.

here is what my meals have been looking like. My goal is to have a soup every night for dinner ( this week its cabbage soup. recipe here ) A salad for lunch and TVP patties and eggs for breakfast.

Now for the pictures


Lunch huge salad: soybean salad, boiled egg, fried tofu,Avocado, lettuce


Dinner: I pretty much eat the same thing but I have this Thai heritage spice that i add to it. I have various flavors and so it feels like I’m eating something different everyday.


Recipes for everything here are on my blog.

go out there and run.


Day 88: Obese and afraid of running or going to the gym

There is a thinner, fitter you running to get out.

So today morning on my run, I saw a lady who just made my day. She was running and was about the same size I had been when I started running. I was so happy to see her. So happy that she had decided to become healthier and what better way that to keep running. I said Hi because I remember how happy I had been when a fast runner would take the time to great me in the morning, or nod their head at me like we were in some kind of secret club. I hope I see her again. I hope sometime I can talk to her and let her know that I was once there and now I am here.


Obese, afraid of running and going to the gym!


That used to be me and I’m sure a lot of other overweight people felt the same at some point in time.

The highest weight I ever weighed myself was 247(that is the only written record I can find, however I have some pictures that to me, seem like I was really pushing into the 300’s).


When I got to college, I joined a really expensive gym and would exercise almost everyday. My roommate did it with me and so I always had someone to go with. Once we stopped being friends (long story) I had no one to go with and my money got thrown down the drain because I was too lazy to even cancel my membership. At this point I think I had gotten down to about 190lb. I remember that the gym was probably about 1KM away and I couldn’t even run to it. I would try running and get back to walking almost immediately.


Once I stopped going to the gym, slowly by slowly the weight came back on. I didn’t notice it. I had no scale and no one around me ever mentioned it. (I was away from home and had no family member around who could say anything to me. Friends don’t usually want to hurt your feelings.)

A few years later a friend of mine took a picture of me and once I saw it, I almost died. Was that me? I had no neck. I was HUGE!!!! HUGE (this is where I think I might have been close to the 300’s) My body carries weight well( HA! What a joke) and so I was well proportioned but I was devastated.


My apartment had a gym and all the people I saw go there were skinny and fit. I could not imagine myself going in when they were all there. I used to tell myself that I would starve myself, lose some weight and then I could go to the gym. For me it always seemed that no fat people were ever at the gym. It was always the skinny girls in their short shorts and the shirtless muscle men. So my plan was to find a time that no one went. I would wait until 10PM or wake up at 4am so that I would get the gym empty. This is when I weighed myself and was about 247lbs.


I would use the treadmill but I wanted to go run outside so bad. I lived at a beautiful canal that had a 3-mile loop and I would see people run there in the mornings and evenings and wish I was one of them. Even at that weight, I wanted to run. I decided that I could do it early in the morning when no one could see me and hide in the darkness.


It was hard. I think I was still in the 220’s-230’s when I started venturing outside. At first I thought it would be dreadful. That all those fit runners would look at me and laugh and wonder what the heck I was doing running outside. I felt like everyone was judging me. That was the furthest thing from the truth. I got a lot of encouragement. Everyone would wave at me and I couldn’t believe it. One old lady one day stopped my side struggling just to lift my legs and keep moving and told me I could do it. She said that she had been overweight and with running, she was fit and whizzing past younger people. I’m sure there were those who thought ‘what is this fat girl doing?’ There are always those people.


But now that I know the running world a bit better, I know that runners who see newbies running are always proud of them. They encourage them because they know that at some point, they were not the best or fastest runners out there. As I lost more weight and got more courage, I started running in the light. I think this when I was 214ish (I’m 5’3 and so that is still HUGE). I loved it. The runners I met were friendly; they always waved and said good morning. I started running further and the walks in between my runs became fewer. I became a runner Damnit.


Lost almost 80 pounds and still going. I wish I hadn’t wasted all those days and months afraid of the gym and running where people can see me. And I hope nobody else ever does that again. So if you are on a weight loss journey, ignore what others may think. Get out there. Walk, then run. I have read stories about mean people saying nasty things to big runners and it happened to me once. I just thought ‘hey at least I am doing something.’ Go out there and run. Join a gym and get your workout on. And to those who have travelled this journey and are on the other end, make sure to take a minute and encourage someone at the start. You might just be the encouragement they need.


Day 87: Back to running and 2013 Races

Officially back to running. Is it too early to be planning next year’s races?????

10K done today . I did my first 5k in the morning and and it took me 40minutes. oi, my time is bad. I need to get back into the running seriously. It sucked.

This year’s poster 🙂

LEWA MARATHON: how awesome is that.

i’m dying with excitement

I have decided on my 2013 races. so far two marathon are in. they are 4 months apart and I am starting to train for it immediately. The one that is certain is the Lewa Marathon.  It is expensive and will require I travel and so I am saving for it already. according to their website, it is one of the 10 Must do marathons in the world. and I can see why. it is in a game reserve and you are running with wild animals while at the same time enjoying a safari like atmosphere. If you can save up for this. its should be on your bucket list. It is a three day extravaganza in a tented reserve and you get to camp and also run.

I might do the standart chartered Nairobi marathon but i’m not sure whether to do the full or half. I also plan on getting serious about racing. I’ll sing up for as many 10K’s as I can and get my stamina and speed up. I already have a few plans i’m looking into so that I don’t go into this blindly as I did last time.

Doing relatively well on my eating and drinking water. I know I could be doing better but i’m taking it one step at a time.

till next time. Make good choices.

Day 86: Another blog award


I got another blog award from the lovely missmarzipan. Her blog is wonderful and if you’re not following it already, WHY?

It’s the “blog of the year 2010” Award

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You can also join the Facebook group. Link above and use that as a platform to get more people to view your blog.  Here is a link of all the badges you can collect

Lets get- a- nominating.

Here are my nominees (it doesn’t matter if they have been nominated by other blogs because they can just add a star once I nominate them.)





That’s it for now.

make good choices today.



Day 85: Weigh-inw

A day early I know but I have been resisting all week and I just couldn’t this morning. I really needed to see weather the changes i made this week paid off or not. They did and big time.

Last weigh-in Nov 20= 174.8
Todays weigh-in Nov 24= 168.6
Lbs to mini goal = 8.7
Days left to mini goal 36

That’s a loss of 6.2 pounds in a little under a week. that is NUTS!!! Do i think this kind of drop will continue? NO. I know that my body is just dealing with the shock of having minimal carbs especially after all the cake, bread, rice, chapati and whatnots I have been eating over the previous two weeks. I’m am sure that this next week the loss will slow down and get down to a more realistic rate. I am hopping for at least a 2lb loss each week if I keep with the program.

Next week, i hope to maintain what i have been doing this week.

  • Keep my carbs between 50-100g-
  • Drink 3-4 liters of water everyday (needless to say i have been in the loo every 30 minutes)
  • Start running every morning (only did that once this week)
  • Prep my food in advance (soup already in the fridge, salads for lunch and nuts as a snack
  • maintain my caloric intake between 1400-1700

weekends are usually the hardest for me because I tend to indulge. my plan is to make sure that if i indulge in something high carb, i have to make sacrifices somewhere else. I have also come to the realization that its almost impossible to give up rice, and not the good kind but that delicious white basmati with great aroma. I cook it for my mum and cant resist eating it with her.  everything else seems easy to resist except that. I think I will give in to it but no more than 1cup and only twice a week or less. i just need to stop everyone from cooking it.

I think I will weigh myself again on monday to see what damage indulging over the weekend can do. maybe that way i will learn a lesson and control myself.