Day 74:Marathon week is here


My Marathon is exactly a week from today. Yesterday I had a major freak out as to weather I could run, finish, and every doubt in between. I was seriously experiencing a nervous breakdown with hearth palpitations and all.

Also, a friend I had In college just ran a marathon and finished in 4hrs 4min and now I feel the pressure. Of course I used to be obese and now I just made it into the overweight category and I am comparing myself to a fit guy who plays soccer and has been running all year to prepare himself for the marathon.

Did I also mention I had a cold last week and this morning I feel it coming back again. I have a sore throat and my nose is blocked. Fuck?????


I was planning on doing a long run on Monday between 25-30 miles but have had to correct sense to realize that it would be disastrous. I’m keeping my runs to 10K or under and I will be taking Friday off as a rest day. I will then do a light run on Saturday 30-40 minutes just to keep my muscles in check.


Now all the questions are rattling in my mind. What should I do? Should I eat breakfast or just carry some energy bars for the race? Should I carbload the day before or just maintain my lowish carb diet? What should I wear? And on and on and on.

I’m gonna take this week to figure out all this and blog about it.


On a different note.,Weigh in was today and I am up 2.8 pounds.

Last week 168

This week 170.8


I am not surprised. I haven’t logged in my food in over 3 weeks. I have been eating everything I want without thinking what the implications are. I am not in the game mentally. I see, I want, I eat. Yo what the F is wrong with me.

I’m not gonna stress myself with this. Right now my main focus is the race. Once it is over and I don’t have to worry about all the variables of racing I hope I will be back on track I will be back on track.

Im going against my previous restrictions of not setting goals and will say that I want to be under 160 by the 31st of December. That will give me 5 weeks to get it done (not counting marathon week). I will log everything, make everything from scratch and I WILL get it done.

Tomorrow: Marathon Essentials