Cinderella duties

Today was a good day. First weigh-in and I am at 176.0 That is down 3.8 pounds from my first beginning of the month weigh-in. that is  a HUGE drop and I am pretty sure I wont be seeing numbers like that very often. I think its because my body was jump started after being off plan for so long. Going Low carb and getting back to my minimum 3 miles a day seems to be working. I wish I could say the same for the 30DS.

Today was a day full of chores. I did my laundry, cleaned the house and went into to town to run some errands. I got in 4 miles of walking today and I felt rusty. I need to pump up my millage and start back on those long runs. I also went grocery shopping and got enough food for the week. I made a menu before hand and so knew exactly what to get. No carbs in my house (except the good kind fruits and veggies). I did however had some potato chips. a lady at the store was handing out free tiny sample sizes and i indulged especially after the long day with nothing to eat. It was only 4/5 tiny chips in it.

I also got some sweet smelling candles at the store. I haven’t done this in a while and though it might perk up my mood, scented candles have that effect on me.

I also fund out that a mall is opening up within a five minute walk from my house and it has my favorite coffee house in it.(their carrot cake is to die for- Lord give me strength).

The plan for tomorrow is food prep and uploading pics and my menu plan. I hope I don’t get sidetracked, I just got season 1 and 2 of breaking bad in the mail.

Plans, plans and More plans……..

SOrry for the absence. AGAIN. I had made a pledge to blog daily in may but i failed on the first day. To make a long story short, I had been moving apartments, just got my internet set up and finally settling in. As a result, I have neglected everything. Running, exercise or any remote type on being on track.
my internet is still choppy but I shall attempt to try posting on a regular basis. I have made plans, plans and more plans………

I can’t seem to cure myself of making grand plans at the beginning of the week, month or year. The only problem is that so far, I haven’t seen any of them through.
So today begins a new month and yet more plans. So by following the same old script, the plan includes a food plan( mostly the low carb or more correctly reduced carb plan). The second is a pledge to try an go to the gym( I got my gym membership back because I have no self discipline to do workouts at home (the result being an almost 10lb gain over the past 6 months I have been without a gym membership.) and finally my ever ending quest to finish 30 consecutive days of the 30 day shred. This month i has no excuse to finish as I have no plans of any out of town plans or disruptions to my schedule.
The food plan is done and the workouts scheduled. Will this be the month I stick to plan?…..

Before I forget I weighed in at 179.8 yesterday. So that is my start point for may. I am back to my weekly weigh-ins. Not weighing in proved to be disastrous for me.

That’s it for now. I Plan on doing some major grocery shopping this weekend, have a major food prep and plan a whole weeks menu. Look out for that soon and lots of pics too.


It has been 21 days since I last posted and there is no valid excuse.

There are many things that have led to my absence. Indifference in my part is I think the major culprit.

The first blow was that I was too late to register for my first marathon and as a result just stopped running. I was bummed out and just could not find the motivation to get out there with nothing to run for. My second marathon is in October, which is 6 months away. Unfortunately that is not enough to motivate me into a regular running schedule. I have a bet with my brother coz he thinks that I cant do a run longer than 10Km this year. I took him up on the challenge and I one- upped him by pledging to do it by the end of this month. I have until April 30th to get a run longer than 10Km.  Money is on the line here and if that doesn’t get me back out there I don’t know what will.


Confession number two and a lesson learned is that only weighing in once a month was the worst idea I ever come up with. As a result of not having a regular weigh-in to keep me in check I gained a 5Kgs. Yes, you read that right. It seems instead of losing a KG a month I was gaining one.
So to start a fresh, I changed my weight loss ticker at the side of my blog to zero and I have a goal of losing 40lbs by the end of this year.  That would give me a goal of 5lbs a month. My brain tells me this would be no sweat but I have learned the hard way that I can gain 5kg in a month but losing it is another story.


As much as I am tempted to make grand goals of all the things that I will be doing but I shall resist and just stick with the basics.

Eat less (which is no problem at all) and move more (the bane of my existence).


I am taking baby steps. I am sticking to 1200 calories a day and at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. My hope is to slowly get back to running and by the end of the month, run a 10K. I should probably get one of those couch to 10K podcasts and try follow that like a beginner. Once I get my grove back on I will probably be upping my calories in relation to my exercise. my plan is to restart the 30 day shred and work on from there.


Sorry for neglecting this blog. I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule.





Day 165: carb cycling, low carb day 2

First of I went out for a run today for the first time in 19 days. Helz yeah Bitches. I felt great. I don’t really know why I get so lazy to get out because once I am down I feel like Leonardo Dicaprio’s  “I am King of the World”

Lets just ignore the fact that my pace was pretty slow and I only did two miles. Anything less than 3 miles in my book is almost like it didn’t happen. Tomorrow I need to get in about 3 miles. Marathon training is around the corner. Eeeck!

I have weighed myself 5 days in a row and I am a bit worried about that. I do not want to be one of those people that become obsessive about their weight and weigh in daily and freak out with fluctuations. The good news is that I am down another pound and on track to get back to my pre-break weight  of 168. I think once I get there, I will revert back to weekly weigh-ins.

I made eggplant pizza for lunch today and those mo-fos are Deeeeeeelicious. It was a mouth fest. I think I’m gonna have to eat those for a while until I get them out of my system. Here is the recipe incase you missed it.

I have been drinking about 145oz of water. That is about 18 glasses and 4.3 liters of water.

Todays eating

TVP patty, 2 eggs, avocado and pico de gayo



havent decided yet.

I can feel myself getting back on track.

make good choices y’all 🙂