30 Day Shred (30DS)

So in an attempt to get back into shape after giving up the gym, I have decided to get into exercise videos. I attempted the 30DS about a year ago but only did it for about 15 days.

I will attempt to finish it this time round and my aim is to do the 30 days continuously.

Today si my first day doing level one. It was not as challenging but i did get a bit of a sweat. my biggest challenge are the push-ups. I hope I see and improvement as the days go by.

Here are my starting stats.
weigh-in will be on 12/16

Neck 13
Bust: 38
Below bust:32.5
Arm right: 13
Arm left: 12
Waist :34
L handle: 40 (ick!! i’m up two inches)
Butt (I measure around the butt):45
Hips : 42
R thigh: 27/24/18( I measure three points)
L thigh:26.5/24/17.5
R calf :15.5
L calf :15.5

taking these measurements was pretty depressing. I think I have gained a few inches since giving up on my strength training a couple months ago. focusing only on my running has not been the best move I have made. I need to buckle up and get in my strength training and ab work.

hopefully there will be a significant change in these measurements after my 30 days.

here is a link to level one.


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