Day 85: Weigh-inw

A day early I know but I have been resisting all week and I just couldn’t this morning. I really needed to see weather the changes i made this week paid off or not. They did and big time.

Last weigh-in Nov 20= 174.8
Todays weigh-in Nov 24= 168.6
Lbs to mini goal = 8.7
Days left to mini goal 36

That’s a loss of 6.2 pounds in a little under a week. that is NUTS!!! Do i think this kind of drop will continue? NO. I know that my body is just dealing with the shock of having minimal carbs especially after all the cake, bread, rice, chapati and whatnots I have been eating over the previous two weeks. I’m am sure that this next week the loss will slow down and get down to a more realistic rate. I am hopping for at least a 2lb loss each week if I keep with the program.

Next week, i hope to maintain what i have been doing this week.

  • Keep my carbs between 50-100g-
  • Drink 3-4 liters of water everyday (needless to say i have been in the loo every 30 minutes)
  • Start running every morning (only did that once this week)
  • Prep my food in advance (soup already in the fridge, salads for lunch and nuts as a snack
  • maintain my caloric intake between 1400-1700

weekends are usually the hardest for me because I tend to indulge. my plan is to make sure that if i indulge in something high carb, i have to make sacrifices somewhere else. I have also come to the realization that its almost impossible to give up rice, and not the good kind but that delicious white basmati with great aroma. I cook it for my mum and cant resist eating it with her.  everything else seems easy to resist except that. I think I will give in to it but no more than 1cup and only twice a week or less. i just need to stop everyone from cooking it.

I think I will weigh myself again on monday to see what damage indulging over the weekend can do. maybe that way i will learn a lesson and control myself.