Day 91: Getting back to running is HARD

Tips on getting back into running.

–       Take it slow (I’m not very good at this) but I’ll start with the 3 miles and gradually increase it up to the 10 mile mark)

–       Journal. (Good thing I have this blog) keep track of everything. Distance, time to complete, how you felt, number of runs, etc.

–        Set weekly goal– achievable ones.  My plan is to get at least 100 miles in the month of December.
Wk. 1- 21 miles (average 3 miles daily)

Wk. 2- 28 miles (average 4 miles daily

Wk. 3- 35 miles (average 5 miles daily)

Wk. 4 – 35 miles (average 5 miles daily)

–       Routine is Key: stick to your plan. Go everyday even if it means you walk the whole way or even try a run walk interval and make a game of it.

My new manthra

My new manthra


I am completely disgusted with myself. I have all but lost the desire to go out and run. Ok maybe I have the desire; I just don’t have the will, or is it the other way round.

Anyways since the marathon, I have only been out running twice and both times not more than 3 miles.  Only twice in two weeks. …..WTF??!!!


Last night I was determined to get back on track. I even put out my clothes so that I could get into them immediately I got out of bed. This morning my alarm clock rang at 5.31. I mentally shouted at myself to get out of bed and go ran. I did not want to. I finally pulled myself out of bed at around 5:33 and even got as far as getting dressed. The whole time I was telling myself I how I should get back into bed, how I did not have even the tiniest bit of desire to get out. The sane part of my brain keep shouting all those positive slogans you read about “ you only regret the run you don’t take, blah….blah… blah and so on.


Anyway you know what I did??? I took off my running clothes and got BACK into bed. What the Bloody Hell!!!!

Yup. I went back to sleep and when I got up about 2hrs later, I was completely disgusted with myself. How could I be so weak? I know what I need to be doing but yet I can’t seem to be able to take the next step.


Tomorrow is the first of December and I will run everyday this month if it kills me. I have a set a goal (yes another goal no need to roll your eyes) and I am going to run all 31 days of December. Not only that, but my goal is to get 100 miles done.  No more excuses.

100 miles in December

100 miles in December challenge


I am looking at different Marathon training programs that I can start on as soon as the New Year begins.  As of Jan, I will have exactly 6 months to prepare for my first marathon of the year.  I’m actually going to have a time goal for this race. I need to get it under 4 hrs. In order to do that, I need to get to goal weight 147lbs preferably lower, and I need to train like a beast. I have 6 months to lose about 20 pounds and build strong muscles for this race. I will not fail.