There is something about running after it rains.


So first of, Happy birthday to me. And I celebrated this morning by running a 5 Miler. I think being older has made me wiser. Look at all the great decisions I have made. I woke up at 5:30 am today and it was raining. First thought was YAY! great excuse not to go run. So I rolled over and back to sleep I went. woke up 20 minutes later and the rain had stopped and here is were the older and wiser comes in. I put on my clothes and went out for 5 miles. Yay! to being older.

It was such a great run. there is something about running after it rains that makes you feel like mother nature is on your side. there is a nice cool breeze that seems to push you faster and cool you down at the same time. everything seems greener and the smell of the wet earth rejuvenates.

on a different note I need more Nike friends to compete with. So if you use Nike running to track your runs please let me know. we can be buddies 🙂

I made a food plan for the week. I’ll post that later after I food prep and take pics.


Day 130: Catching up and chocolate is my drug

I don’t think I have made an update about what I have been doing since the New Year began.

My plan was to start a 21-day whole food detox/cleanse but that hasn’t happened so far. I would start my day on plan but something at midday or evening would happen and I would go completely off plan. The main reason for this is because I haven’t planned and shopped for what I would need. Planning is essential.

The other thing I started but fell off track was the 30-day shred. I got to day 8 and even did level 2 & 3 but then the holiday and guests and travel came along and I just couldn’t sustain it. So I am starting over. It’s like the 8 days never happened. 2 days down and 9 to go for level one.

My pre-training marathon training is on track. So far I have been doing 5K every morning. No walking just running all the way trough. I have been taking it slow about 39 minutes for the run but I intend to pick it up a bit and get back to my 29 min/5k or less.

I need to start making mini weekly goals that have nothing to do with number losses. Just habits that I need to maintain if I am going to get my 3:45 marathon.

For this week

–       Drink 100 oz of water daily

–       Run 30-35 miles this week (one run has to be a 10k)

–       Keep carbs at 100g

–       30-day shred daily


My name is Linda and I am addicted to chocolate. I have a chocolate problem and I have tried to kick it but it won’t go away.

I think I have stayed away from the drug for a month or two but today I completely gave in.  Cadbury’s is especially hard for me to resist. Its like I always have to battle with my self at the check out counter at the supermarket and quite honestly it’s exhausting.

Today I went ahead and got some. The excuses I’m making for myself is that at least its dark and 80% cocoa. I got a 90g bar and told myself I would be good and only eat 15g which is about 3 small squares a day. But let’s be honest. There is no way that bar would last 6 days in my house. As of this evening I have already had 6 sqs, which is actually a victory for me. I know I shouldn’t bring these things into my house and obviously haven’t learned my lesson. Or maybe it can be once a month treat.


Here’s to hopping tomorrow will be a better day.

Day 125:Pre-training marathon Training

When we start contemplating running a marathon, we immediately think to get a training Plan.  My first marathon was not well thought out and as a result, it wasn’t very successful. This time round I am determined to get at this marathon with surgical precision.

I plan on getting an 18Wk-training schedule and as a result have about 6 weeks before my actual training start. This got me thinking, is there anything I could be doing to train for the training. A kind of pre-training if you may.

After scouring the interwebs, I have consolidated a few things that one can do before the actual 16-18 wk. training you might be embarking on.



The pre training period is the time for you to build your running base. This is the foundation for your marathon training and in turn your actual run. During this time, you should be going out 5-7 days a week and logging in about 20-25 miles.  As the weeks go by add mileage and work on improving your speed. Make sure you diversify your runs. Include hills and different terrains to ensure that you can conquer whatever comes.



This is also the time you should be working on our fitness. You need to make sure to take the time to reach the level of fitness required to successfully complete your marathon training and your actual marathon. Cross training is your friend during this period. Whether it is swimming, riding bikes or doing some other type of cardio and weight lifting. All this things in the long run will help you with your endurance for the training and the actual run.

Fuel your body

Figure out what your body needs to fuel itself for runs.  You need to know what to eat and when to eat for maintaining energy and also for maximum post run recovery. Try different foods to see what works for you. This is your time to experiment.  See how eating different things affect your runs and keep the positives one on hand for your training. during this period, I will be trying to figure out if I can run on a low carb diet. I looked around at a few blogs with people who have managed to stay relatively low carb and run sucessfuly. I will use this time to see if the same will work for me. if not, I will have enough time to change up my diet.

By the time you start your actual training, you should have a strong running and fitness base. You should understand how your body works in different situations and predict how best to handle them. Having a strong base will also help prevent injuries that may occur due to lack of preparation.

Here is to a great pre-training training.

Day 118: whole food detox day 4

Today was similar to yesterday foodwise. However I went to the grocery store to replenish my fresh foods and the fresh break smell from the bakery nearly killed me. I think I read somewhere that the smell of fresh bread triggers the brain and makes people hungry and that more supermarkets make sure there is a fresh bread smell in there to make you purchase more food.


It almost worked on me today. I was so hungry and the temptation to get over and but a fresh warm bun was almost too much. I resisted.

I did however cheat on my detox today. I had an egg for breakfast. I woke up surprisingly hungry and it was raining with thunderstorms outside. As a result, I missed my morning run and slept in thinking of nothing other than fresh toast with melted peanut butter with an egg on top. The fact that I only had the egg and none of the other goodness is a WIN.

Breakfast: green smoothie, lemon water, green tea and 32oz water
Mid-day snack: banana
Lunch: Thai stir fry (broccoli, greenbeans, Zucchini,garlic thai paste), guacamole, half an apple and carrot
Afternoon snack: Nuts and green tea
Dinner: butternut squash soup, tofu chuncks

Tomorrow I will be halfway through my detox. I think from her it will be smooth sailing as long as I plan my meals ahead of time.


We have guests coming over for new-year and I am trying to think of a way I can continue with my food plan and still make them food.

Any Ideas??

Day 117: 100th Post, whole food detox/cleanse day 3 and what I ate Christmas Edition

Happy boxing day everyone! I can’t believe I am on my 100th post. I thinking this is the longest I have kept a journal of any kind. And I thank everyone who takes time to come to this little corner of the interwebs.


I survived Christmas without going off my detox plan. It wasn’t tempting at all. I made all the food I was going to it and let everyone know they could have some of it with their normal meal. I think that is a great plan especially if you are invited somewhere and aren’t sure of what will be available. Just make what you are comfortable eating and take it as a gift for your host (survival)


Here is what I ate

The spread. shredded red cabbage with carrots, sliced veggies(carrots,avocado,celery,snowpeas), homemade hummus, guacamole, lettuce, homemade dressing (juice of one orrage, a tbs of applecider vinegar, a pich of salt and black pepper) sauteed black peans not included.

The spread. shredded red cabbage with carrots, sliced veggies(carrots,avocado,celery,snowpeas), homemade hummus, guacamole, lettuce, homemade dressing (juice of one orrage, a tbs of applecider vinegar, a pich of salt and black pepper) sauteed black peans not included.

My plate was about 600 calories. most of which came from the one cup of black beans I ate. Not too bad for christmas lunch

yummy goodness.

yummy goodness

By the end of the day I was sooo full and I did not cheat or eat anything else that wasn’t on my plate. I ate slowly and this lasted me the whole afternoon.

Today is day three of my whole foods detox.

I woke up and had my lemon with warm water 160z. I went for a three-mile run and I felt very energized. After the run, I had my 32oz of water and my green tea.

My plan for the rest of the day is to make my green smoothie, have a little bit of the left over lunch from yesterday and then its soup for diner. This new way of eating is going so well I am thinking of going a little more than ten days.

Day 102: Finally got to 1000mi run on Nike and 30DS

Why did I not get one of this on my profile ;(


First I have a confession. I went off plan yesterday and in the worst possible way. After my big talk yesterday of going to under 100g of carbs daily, I went out to run errands and my mum decided we should go and eat lunch at a restaurant. For some reason when I eat out I must have fries (lord help me but I do love me some fries). I thought I could resist, but when the menu came in the thought of just having the Spanish omelet (sans potatoes) did not feel appealing. So I got the Omelet with fries. (Hangs head in shame). The rest of my meals were low carb and so I hope it balances out. Still my carbs for yesterday were about 124g. Ugh.


So far today I am right on track with netting <50g.  Nothing will derail me.


Today I was determined to go out for my run. The past 3 days I have opted for walks instead. Well it seems that my body had slacked and this morning my 4mile run took me an hour to complete. That’s about 20 minutes too long. But at least I went and I got in my run.

In other running milestone news, I reached my goal of 1000mi runs on Nike yesterday. Yay. I though I would get a badge or something that I could post on my blog but apparently, Nike doesn’t think running 1000mi is a milestone worthy of a badge. (Damn it I want a badge.)


I got home and did my 30-day shred (30DS) and it was relatively easy. Its divided into 3 levels and you do each level for 10 days. The levels get progressively harder as you go along. I remember the first time I attempted it; the cardio parts were the hardest. The jumping jacks, but kicks and skipping rope would really wear me out. This time round it was like a breeze. No effort at all.

The hardest part of the workout was the pushups. I can’t do push-ups to save my life. I had to do the modified version and I still had to take breaks. If I can go through the whole set by the end of 30 days I will consider that a major victory.

I took pictures of my self so that I could gauge my progress and they are too disgusting to put up. I don’t want to scare away my readers. I have saved them and maybe once I finish the 30 days, I will have the guts to post them on my 30DS page.