Day 87: Back to running and 2013 Races

Officially back to running. Is it too early to be planning next year’s races?????

10K done today . I did my first 5k in the morning and and it took me 40minutes. oi, my time is bad. I need to get back into the running seriously. It sucked.

This year’s poster 🙂

LEWA MARATHON: how awesome is that.

i’m dying with excitement

I have decided on my 2013 races. so far two marathon are in. they are 4 months apart and I am starting to train for it immediately. The one that is certain is the Lewa Marathon.  It is expensive and will require I travel and so I am saving for it already. according to their website, it is one of the 10 Must do marathons in the world. and I can see why. it is in a game reserve and you are running with wild animals while at the same time enjoying a safari like atmosphere. If you can save up for this. its should be on your bucket list. It is a three day extravaganza in a tented reserve and you get to camp and also run.

I might do the standart chartered Nairobi marathon but i’m not sure whether to do the full or half. I also plan on getting serious about racing. I’ll sing up for as many 10K’s as I can and get my stamina and speed up. I already have a few plans i’m looking into so that I don’t go into this blindly as I did last time.

Doing relatively well on my eating and drinking water. I know I could be doing better but i’m taking it one step at a time.

till next time. Make good choices.

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