Day 81 part Deux: what does one do after a marathon

In my case, eat everything in sight and gain 4 pounds in a week.

The cycle continues. I weighed in yesterday and I am now back into the 170’s at a weight of 174.8 up form last week’s 170.8

I really thought I was out of the 170’s. I am vowing to myself that after I lose the next 5 pounds, I will never be in the 70’s again.  Weigh-ins will be Sunday as usual.


When I was reading about prepping for a race, one of the articles I read said that one should not be on a weight loss journey and think they can train for a marathon. Losing weight should be on the back burner until your race is done. I scoffed at the idea I tell ya. Scoffed. I learned the hard way.

I also think I gave myself an excuse to eat anything in sight because I told myself I needed the energy. So it was carbs, carbs and more carbs. Right now I am paying for it. I decided that I need some big goals to get me back on my weight loss track so I can get closer to my goal.


After Marathon goals

159.9 by December 31st
that means I have about a month and ten days to lose about 15lbs- that is a lot of weight to lose. I need to lose about 3 pounds every week, which is a hard task. I need the challenge in my face in order to get back into the game mentally.


-Log everyday and keep cals to 1500 and carbs<50
I have neglected logging my food into MFP for the past couple of weeks. Starting yesterday, I have religiously logged everything I have eaten and I plan on doing it until the end of this challenge


-Try out new lowcarb recipes and blog them:
I’m going back to a low carb diet. I felt that it was impossible with the race looming in front of me and went back to eating a lot of rice and bread. I do better on a low carb diet. The fact that I eat lots of healthy fats and proteins means I am full longer and do not feel as hungry. I will challenge myself to stay away from bread or any flour product until the end of the year. I might have a little bit of rice here and there but very rarely and never more than half a cup. Also I want to keep my carbs at <50 net.


-Run/walk at least 10KM a day
Starting the week of 11/26.  This is because I think I should rest this week to recover. I still have my Nike challenge of getting to 2500Km run to get to the Purple level. Everyone knows how obsessed I am with NIKE. At some point, I need to look for a marathon I can run next year and get an actual plan that I can follow and maybe even read some books.


-2 Minute plank challenge everyday
I have an app that reminds me daily when to do my plank. I have been ignoring it but plan on starting slowly until I can get to the 2-minute mark without a problem.


-Do ab workout daily
I used to do this religiously and my tummy had really shrunk. I have neglected it the past couple of months and it’s starting to show.


-Get back in the game mentally- NO CHEATING

This is harder than it looks. I started my low carb yesterday and already started cheating. I grabbed a banana only to realize that I did not need the 30g of crabs and I wasn’t really hungry. I just saw a banana and thought I needed to eat it. I got in about 75g of carbs, which isn’t bad. I will freak out if I get over 100


– Come up with weekly menu- a different one for each week
being low carb and vegetarian is pretty hard. It can become pretty boring and the temptation to eat pasta and rice can take over. I will scour the web to find new and interesting things to make every week. Recipes coming soon and also a guide to low carb vegetarianism.


-Drink lotsa water

I know this is essential to weight loss and a healthy being in general. I have a 700ml-drinking bottle and my goal is to drink a minimum of 5 of those every day. That is about 14 glasses everyday



A lot of people don’t really buy into the low carb way of life. For some, they eat low carb until they reach their goal and immediately after they introduce the carbs back in, they start gaining the weight back. I think this happens to those who go really low on their carbs and live on nothing but meats. I also think that without a lifestyle of exercise, low carb is bound to fail. I hope to avoid this pit falls.

I will be carb cycling which means keeping my levels at <50 for 3 days followed by a high carb day (eat my weight in carbs e.g. 174g for me). This cycle continues and it helps maintain levels of sugar and not have you burn out or crave carbs because you will have a day to indulge a little.


After I get to goal, I will introduce back beans and legumes but still strive for low carb by limiting my flour products, and pasta to special occasions. I hope I can make this a permanent lifestyle



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