Day 90: A quickie

don’t have anything worth sharing today. Aunt flo is here and I don’t feel like doing anything. fortunately for me unlike previous times, I don’t feel like eating anything either. there is no chocolate in the house so I cant feast on that I also couldn’t be bothered to leave the house and get some.
Drank lots of mint Tea, ate lots f nuts and tried to Finish christopher Hitchens Biography “Hitch 22”
Ah! but the man had wit

I’m also afraid to weigh in on saturday because I am severely bloated and I always gain an average of 5lbs during TOM. i know its water weight and that it will go away but its thoroughly depressing when I see the number on the scale and it usually leads to a downward spiral of me eating everything in sight. counterproductive I know. But i shall brave the scale and hope to use my brain and know that it is all water weight.

I have my running clothes set out for tomorrow morning. lets hope I actually get up and go. I haven’t had a long run since the marathon and I am hopping I can get in at least 5 miles tomorrow.
That was a longer post that I expected.
make good choices people…….at least try 😉