Day 78: Trying out your marathon clothes

One day to go:



I think it is common knowledge to runners that when you run a marathon, nothing is left to chance.

You try out what you will eat before to see how you react to it. Try out your gels or energy bars. Figure out your carb level requirements etc.

But the most important thing is what you will wear. You will be out there for more than 2hrs running and comfort is of paramount importance.


  1. Dressing for temperature:
    make sure you are aware of what the weather would be. If it will be cold at the beginning and warmer later on, layering is the best way to go
    if its cold you might need cheapo gloves that you can toss, super wicking tee or tank
- your lucky sports bra/socks :). If it’s warmer, just wear a super wicking tee and a good pair of tights or shorts.
  2. Try out your clothes before the race. I did this yesterday and realized that my vest just won’t do. It was heavy and did not wick away the sweat at all. I can’t thank all the Greek gods enough for giving me the wisdom to try on my outfit before. This gave me enough time to look for an alternative.
  3. Shoes: this have to be shoes that you have used on long runs and have broken in. I had the impulse to get everything new because I was super excited about the marathon but that would not be a wise decision.
  4. Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. You need to protect your skin that will be exposed for a few hours in the sun.