Day 160: Facing the Music

Now that my holiday is over, it’s time to face the music. I stepped on the scale and its worse than I thought.

Here is the cold hard truth in Black and white 175.6. Yup! That’s over a 5lb gain in about a week.

It really clicked in my brain that I have been off my game the past few weeks. I was so good during the holidays but for some reason after the New Year, I Just didn’t give a fudge.

My running has suffered, I haven’t had a decent workout in a few weeks and my eating has gone to the pigs.

I need to implement a few plans that I have been bouncing around my head and blog.

I am going grocery shopping today for my carb cycling. Lots of low carb high protein vegetarian foods. I am going to make a menu for my low carb days and my high carb days.

Tomorrow will be day one of the low carb cycle. This means my carb intake will be between 30-50g of carbs and try to get my protein above 100g. my calories will be at 1200 .My first cycle will be Friday- Sunday.
This will be followed by my high carb day where by I will be getting my carbs up to 175g (my current weight in grams) and my protein will stay at the same level. My calories will go up to 1700-1800 to compensate for the increased intake carbs. My high carb day will also see an increase in my running mileage and strength training.

Apart from my food plan, I am back on track with my running. My goal is to get in 6-7 days a week until I start my marathon-training plan. I need to get back in the groove before I can seriously start my training. Registration for the marathon is next week and I think that is the kick in the butt I so urgently need.

After I get my shopping and menu set, I will share in detail what I plan to eat during each phase of the cycle.

Wish me luck.

Here is a sample on macros for carb cycling.

You can calculate what you need to eating.

Day 106: This is where I would give up

But i wont.

Got on the scale this morning. I was up 169.6lbs. I am trying to rationalize this. I wish I had weighed in last week so that I could really tell what my week of almost being perfect had resulted in.
I jogged/walked 3 miles everyday. I ate less that 50g of carbs daily. I did jillian Michaels’ 30DS daily and I had an average of 1400 cals daily. I was really hopping i would be at the 166lb point. The only thing I could think of was that I might have been really up last week when i didn’t weigh-in last week. maybe in the low 170’s

Ater my depressing weigh-in I didn’t go for my run. I crawled back into bed and pitied myself. I still have to  make time for a run later on today. just because one of my goals int going as planned doesn’t mean i should sabotage my running goals.

I am thoroughly tempted to go out and eat cake; but I wont. I’ll keep up what i did this week and if by next saturday I am not back on track. Cake will be had, I will feel sorry for myself for one day then I will get back on track. I think by then I will deserve a day of self pity.

Day 100: The good, the Bad and the Ugly

Day 100:The good the bad and the Ugly

100 days and I am still blogging. This is the longest I have committed to keeping a journal of any kind. Its also made me more aware of my journey but the best part is all the wonderful people I have met online.

“If you run 100 miles a week, you can eat anything you want – Why? Because: (a) you’ll burn all the calories you consume; (b) you deserve it; and (c) you’ll be injured soon and back on a restricted diet anyway.” – Don Kardong

The Good.

I have gone out for a Run/Walk/Jog everyday so far this December. So far I have 35 miles, which is 10 miles over my goal for the week. My goal to get to 1000 miles is only 4 miles away. I think I will get to it tomorrow. Next week I am upping my mileage up to 4 miles a day. I think December is going to be the month I run everyday. Marathon training starts January 1st. I want to start my year with a bang.


The bad:

I didn’t get on the scale today. I just couldn’t face it.

After my Thursday step on and 2lb gain, I            went off the rails. On Friday, I ate way over my calories and went to a graduation party were I went nuts on the food and alcohol. Not my proudest moment. Right now I am struggling whether or not it will be beneficial to get on the scale. Will seeing a gain kick my but into gear or will I fall further into oblivion.  I think I’ll just do my best this week and I weigh in next Sunday.

The Ugly

I am still bloated and my tummy is acting up. It’s distended, I am in pain but its still not enough to stop me from eating. Ugh. I’m seriously considering the one day juice cleanse just to get my stomach moving. I am feeling horrible and I wish I could just stay away from food for a week or so.  I am starting my 30-day Shred this week. I think I might have to step on the scale before I start just so that I can have an accurate basis to measure my success. I will be creating a new tab just for the shred where I will have before and after pictures, my measurement and finally a review of the program. I want to do the 30 days continuously with no break and so I need to figure out my schedule for the next month to ensure that I have time set aside for it. Its only a 30 minute workout and shouldn’t be too hard to squeeze in.


Have a great week and make good choices.


Day 97: Amping up the workouts


So I got on the scale today and I saw a two lb gain. To say that I am frustrated is putting it mildly. I have been consistently under 100g of carbs daily. I have been running everyday this month with a minimum run of 3mi each.  And my calories have been at 1400 everyday. I am doing everything right. I am not cheating; I log in everything I put in my mouth. I am not starving myself and I am exercising. So what is wrong with my body? I am gaining and losing the same 5lbs for the past 3 months and it’s driving me nuts.

I will admit that since giving up my gym membership (save some mullah) I have only been doing cardio i.e. my morning runs. I got some apps to try and get in some strength training but I just don’t have the discipline to look at my phone or kindle and try and do exercises from an app.

But that still doesn’t explain why I am not losing. I am eating at a deficit, I am exercising, I am drinking about 16 glasses of water daily (and going to the bathroom enough times to prove it) I just don’t know what I am doing wrong or why my body is happy being 20lbs overweight.


So I decided I am buying some workout DVDs. I got the Jillian Michaels 30-day shred. I did it a year ago and only got to like day 15 before giving up (mostly due to laziness) I also got the Insanity workout dvd because I need a challenge that will push my body to the limit.

I haven’t figured out a schedule for the workout yet but I am hoping to have the DVDs and stat working out by Monday. I will keep up with my running challenge. (100mi in Dec) So far I have done 23miles. My goal of getting to 1000mi by the end of this year is also on track. I am at 983mi that means I only have 17 miles left.

I really am determined to get to 159.9 by the end of the year. I think I will be lowering my carbs even more and upping the exercises and running. I will keep my calories at the level they are because I don’t want to starve my body.

Once I figure out my workout schedule for the 30day shred and Insanity, I will post them up. It’s really hard to keep a workout schedule during the holiday season because of all the travelling and family function to attend. I’m hopping I can maintain my running schedule at least.

Make good choices.



Day 81 part Deux: what does one do after a marathon

In my case, eat everything in sight and gain 4 pounds in a week.

The cycle continues. I weighed in yesterday and I am now back into the 170’s at a weight of 174.8 up form last week’s 170.8

I really thought I was out of the 170’s. I am vowing to myself that after I lose the next 5 pounds, I will never be in the 70’s again.  Weigh-ins will be Sunday as usual.


When I was reading about prepping for a race, one of the articles I read said that one should not be on a weight loss journey and think they can train for a marathon. Losing weight should be on the back burner until your race is done. I scoffed at the idea I tell ya. Scoffed. I learned the hard way.

I also think I gave myself an excuse to eat anything in sight because I told myself I needed the energy. So it was carbs, carbs and more carbs. Right now I am paying for it. I decided that I need some big goals to get me back on my weight loss track so I can get closer to my goal.


After Marathon goals

159.9 by December 31st
that means I have about a month and ten days to lose about 15lbs- that is a lot of weight to lose. I need to lose about 3 pounds every week, which is a hard task. I need the challenge in my face in order to get back into the game mentally.


-Log everyday and keep cals to 1500 and carbs<50
I have neglected logging my food into MFP for the past couple of weeks. Starting yesterday, I have religiously logged everything I have eaten and I plan on doing it until the end of this challenge


-Try out new lowcarb recipes and blog them:
I’m going back to a low carb diet. I felt that it was impossible with the race looming in front of me and went back to eating a lot of rice and bread. I do better on a low carb diet. The fact that I eat lots of healthy fats and proteins means I am full longer and do not feel as hungry. I will challenge myself to stay away from bread or any flour product until the end of the year. I might have a little bit of rice here and there but very rarely and never more than half a cup. Also I want to keep my carbs at <50 net.


-Run/walk at least 10KM a day
Starting the week of 11/26.  This is because I think I should rest this week to recover. I still have my Nike challenge of getting to 2500Km run to get to the Purple level. Everyone knows how obsessed I am with NIKE. At some point, I need to look for a marathon I can run next year and get an actual plan that I can follow and maybe even read some books.


-2 Minute plank challenge everyday
I have an app that reminds me daily when to do my plank. I have been ignoring it but plan on starting slowly until I can get to the 2-minute mark without a problem.


-Do ab workout daily
I used to do this religiously and my tummy had really shrunk. I have neglected it the past couple of months and it’s starting to show.


-Get back in the game mentally- NO CHEATING

This is harder than it looks. I started my low carb yesterday and already started cheating. I grabbed a banana only to realize that I did not need the 30g of crabs and I wasn’t really hungry. I just saw a banana and thought I needed to eat it. I got in about 75g of carbs, which isn’t bad. I will freak out if I get over 100


– Come up with weekly menu- a different one for each week
being low carb and vegetarian is pretty hard. It can become pretty boring and the temptation to eat pasta and rice can take over. I will scour the web to find new and interesting things to make every week. Recipes coming soon and also a guide to low carb vegetarianism.


-Drink lotsa water

I know this is essential to weight loss and a healthy being in general. I have a 700ml-drinking bottle and my goal is to drink a minimum of 5 of those every day. That is about 14 glasses everyday



A lot of people don’t really buy into the low carb way of life. For some, they eat low carb until they reach their goal and immediately after they introduce the carbs back in, they start gaining the weight back. I think this happens to those who go really low on their carbs and live on nothing but meats. I also think that without a lifestyle of exercise, low carb is bound to fail. I hope to avoid this pit falls.

I will be carb cycling which means keeping my levels at <50 for 3 days followed by a high carb day (eat my weight in carbs e.g. 174g for me). This cycle continues and it helps maintain levels of sugar and not have you burn out or crave carbs because you will have a day to indulge a little.


After I get to goal, I will introduce back beans and legumes but still strive for low carb by limiting my flour products, and pasta to special occasions. I hope I can make this a permanent lifestyle


Day 74:Marathon week is here


My Marathon is exactly a week from today. Yesterday I had a major freak out as to weather I could run, finish, and every doubt in between. I was seriously experiencing a nervous breakdown with hearth palpitations and all.

Also, a friend I had In college just ran a marathon and finished in 4hrs 4min and now I feel the pressure. Of course I used to be obese and now I just made it into the overweight category and I am comparing myself to a fit guy who plays soccer and has been running all year to prepare himself for the marathon.

Did I also mention I had a cold last week and this morning I feel it coming back again. I have a sore throat and my nose is blocked. Fuck?????


I was planning on doing a long run on Monday between 25-30 miles but have had to correct sense to realize that it would be disastrous. I’m keeping my runs to 10K or under and I will be taking Friday off as a rest day. I will then do a light run on Saturday 30-40 minutes just to keep my muscles in check.


Now all the questions are rattling in my mind. What should I do? Should I eat breakfast or just carry some energy bars for the race? Should I carbload the day before or just maintain my lowish carb diet? What should I wear? And on and on and on.

I’m gonna take this week to figure out all this and blog about it.


On a different note.,Weigh in was today and I am up 2.8 pounds.

Last week 168

This week 170.8


I am not surprised. I haven’t logged in my food in over 3 weeks. I have been eating everything I want without thinking what the implications are. I am not in the game mentally. I see, I want, I eat. Yo what the F is wrong with me.

I’m not gonna stress myself with this. Right now my main focus is the race. Once it is over and I don’t have to worry about all the variables of racing I hope I will be back on track I will be back on track.

Im going against my previous restrictions of not setting goals and will say that I want to be under 160 by the 31st of December. That will give me 5 weeks to get it done (not counting marathon week). I will log everything, make everything from scratch and I WILL get it done.

Tomorrow: Marathon Essentials

Day 53: I have been a very bad girl


Lets get the bad news out the way. On Sunday, I weighed in at 170.0 lbs. after the week I had I honestly thought it would be worse.


Last week: 169.4

This week: 170.0

Weight gain 600g


So I haven’t been on here since Wednesday and it hasn’t been very pretty.

There really isn’t any excuse for my behavior and this morning while in bed I realized that my mind isn’t focused on weight loss as it had been the past few months. I am not really watching what I am eating and not planning ahead.


A few months ago, I had a menu and knew what I would be eating throughout the week. Breakfast lunch and dinner. I would make my own food that is separate from my family and cook two separate meals. This pat month, I couldn’t be bothered. I eat everything they eat even though I know its bad for me. I am just too lazy.


The only exercise I have been doing is running for my marathon training, no ab work or any type of strength training. Today, I was too lazy to even get up to go to my run. I feel like I have become a fat lazy slob again. My body doesn’t feel as strong as I did a few weeks ago. The weird thing is that I am only 5 pounds up from my lowest weight.  But that 5 pounds has done a lot of damage. My stomach feels puffy, I feel unmotivated to move and I have no self-control when it comes to eating carbs.  The surprising thing is that I haven’t binged or eaten over my calories even once. I haven’t eaten any junk or processed food except for some fries I had on Thursday.  My calories have been low but my carbs have been upwards of 250 a day. I guess for my body, a calorie is not a calorie. I know there are those who think that as long as you eat less than you burn you should be losing weight; that theory doesn’t work for me.

I also went drinking with my siblings, which is something I haven’t done in about six months. I was totally sotted and this made me make bad eating choices. The hangover the next day meant that I missed my runs.


So what am I gonna do about this. First of, my birthday goal is out the question. I don’t think I can lose 11 pounds in the next 2 weeks. So I have a more sensible plan.

And it starts today.

  • I am making a cabbage soup that I will be having for lunch for the week. I will alternate this with having a salad.
  • For breakfast, I will make my famous TVP patties and will have those with a scramble egg and maybe some avocado.
  • For supper, I will be making a butternut-nut squash soup (recipe coming up) and will be having this with a salad. The salad will be some Thai inspired tofu and some green veggies.
  • My plan is to stay under 50g of carbs and have my calories between 1400-1200
  • Water intake is to be at around 4 liters.

I know this sounds a bit monotonous, but I need to make everything in advance so that I am not lazy and tempted to eat off track. \

My brother singed me up for a half marathon this Sunday and my plan this week is to prep for it. I will be running Monday- Friday and rest on Saturday.


Here is my plan.

Monday – 10-mile fast walk

Tuesday – 6 miles/9.6K Easy

Wednesday- 15K easy

Thursday – 5 miles/8K with 5K@ tempo

Friday- 3 miles/5K at tempo

Saturday –Rest

Sunday – RACE day


I know the best training for a race a few days before is rest, however, I run better when I have been consistently out running.

I also plan on doing some ab-work and strength training everyday this week. I think I need some strength in order to feel like and active again. I will be doing the Kardio Killer workout I posted a few days ago.


I will get back to posting my daily stats at the end of the day. I think this keeps me accountable.

I hope that if I can keep this goal at the back of my mind for the next two weeks, I should be able to get firmly out of the 70’s by my birthday on the fourth of November.