You are What you Eat!

6 thoughts on “You are What you Eat!

  1. Can you please not post stuff like this? The “joke” is that those descriptions refer to sex as well as to food. so you’re calling a person cheap, easy and fast as though those are bad things. They’re not. No one should be ashamed of their private life.

    There’s really no point in time when you have the right to judge someone else’s sex life, so please don’t insult people like this. It’s really kind of gross to think this way.

      • You know that this image isn’t just about food. If you didn’t recognize that, you wouldn’t have thought it was funny and you wouldn’t have posted it. So let’s not pretend that you’re only discussing food here and nothing more.

        When you call a person “easy,” you’re not referring tot their diet. When you call someone “cheap,” you’re not talking about what’s in the fridge. You’re referring to who they are as a person and, most often, you’re insulting their private life.

        If you want to stick with just food, then actually stick with food. It’s really disrespectful that you can’t even acknowledge the problem here.

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