It’s the first of the month ergo challenge time

My goal is to defeat the demon that keeps me from finishing this 30 day challenges. I am going to really try and keep myself accountable and finish it this time. i think I should motivate myself with a little reward after. if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I got this from the 30-Day challenge website. they have challenges for everything. check it out

I also started my Run everyday November challlenge. Im still recovering from my Half marathon so I just walked 4.5 miles this morning.

since its the first of the month I also weighed in at a saddening 181.0 lbs. This just makes me want to cry since i was doing so well last year. My goal is to get to 175  by the end of the month. I think giving myself small goals is the way to go. this was I am  not putting too much pressure on myself. Still haven’t decided wether i will be weighing in weekly or at the end of the month.

Today i have a meeting with my gym instructor. we are going to come up with a full body strength workout session that I can do 3 times a week. I also have my friday kickboxing classes that are MURDER.  So there is my fitness plan for the month. Now if I can only get my eating in check i think this month might just be killer. especially since it’s my birthday month.  which is 3 days away… :O getting older.


Reward system and home gyms


I think at some point in time I have written down reward systems for my weight loss or millage on my Nike+ but I have never really seen it through. As I struggle to add regular home workouts into my daily routine, I have realized that I need to invest in some at home workout equipment.  A treadmill is out because I prefer to run outside but I would like to have an extensive workout DVD collection that I can pop in at anytime to spice things up. Right now I only have the 30DS and Insanity.

I also want to add some equipment e.g. dumbbells, kettle balls and exercise balls. So I have decided that I will reward myself these as a reach various weight loss milestones. I decided on a 5lb interval to move things along faster.

This would be my ideal Source Skinnymom

Here is what I have written down so far

Current weight 176.0

  • Ist goal: 170= New yoga mat + yoga workout DVD
  • 2nd goal: 165= Exercise ball + DVD
  • 3rd goal: 160= Kettle ball (2) + kettle ball DVD workout
  • 4th goal: 155= Dumbbell set
  • 5th goal: 150 =
  • 6th goal: 145=
  • 7th goal: 140
  • Reevaluate goals

I have no time limit on these goals. However I do have about 7 months to get to my goal weight. Which means a loss of about 35lbs at a rate of 5lbs per month. Nothing is set in stone so we shall make plans as time goes by.



Day 169: weigh-In and carb cycling wk1 results

It’s been a week since I came back from the big city where I indulged and gained about 6lbs. I got back on track last Saturday and did a weekend green smoothie challenge. I also started carb cycling on Monday whereby I had 3 days of low carb, between 30-50g followed by a day of high carbs 100-175g. I wasn’t 100% on  calorie wise. I went over quite a few times. I was having snacks all the time :/

Here are my weigh in results so far.

Weekend green smoothie challenge- Only Saturday and Sunday

Starting weigh-in 176.8
Monday weigh-in 174.0

challenge loss 2.8lbs (not bad)


Carb cycling week 1

Monday 174.0

Saturday 171.0

Loss -3lbs


So this week has been a total of 5.8lbs loss. This could have been more had I stuck 100% on plan. I did go over on my calories on at least 4 days but my carbs were right on track. I was hopping to get out of the 170’s and back to my pre-break weight but I will gladly take any downward scale movement.



Day 160: Facing the Music

Now that my holiday is over, it’s time to face the music. I stepped on the scale and its worse than I thought.

Here is the cold hard truth in Black and white 175.6. Yup! That’s over a 5lb gain in about a week.

It really clicked in my brain that I have been off my game the past few weeks. I was so good during the holidays but for some reason after the New Year, I Just didn’t give a fudge.

My running has suffered, I haven’t had a decent workout in a few weeks and my eating has gone to the pigs.

I need to implement a few plans that I have been bouncing around my head and blog.

I am going grocery shopping today for my carb cycling. Lots of low carb high protein vegetarian foods. I am going to make a menu for my low carb days and my high carb days.

Tomorrow will be day one of the low carb cycle. This means my carb intake will be between 30-50g of carbs and try to get my protein above 100g. my calories will be at 1200 .My first cycle will be Friday- Sunday.
This will be followed by my high carb day where by I will be getting my carbs up to 175g (my current weight in grams) and my protein will stay at the same level. My calories will go up to 1700-1800 to compensate for the increased intake carbs. My high carb day will also see an increase in my running mileage and strength training.

Apart from my food plan, I am back on track with my running. My goal is to get in 6-7 days a week until I start my marathon-training plan. I need to get back in the groove before I can seriously start my training. Registration for the marathon is next week and I think that is the kick in the butt I so urgently need.

After I get my shopping and menu set, I will share in detail what I plan to eat during each phase of the cycle.

Wish me luck.

Here is a sample on macros for carb cycling.

You can calculate what you need to eating.

Day 143: Weigh-in, 30 Day shred level 2, Marathon pre-training training

Let’s start with the bad news first.

Last weigh-in 1/14= 173.6
(this was up 4.4 lbs. from previous weight. After a weekend of football (soccer for the Americans), beer and pizza)

This week 1/21= 170.6
A loss of 3lbs after a slight improvement in eating

Anyone else tired of this cycle? Gaining and losing the same 10lbs over and over. It’s entirely my fault really. Consistency has not been my middle name. This is something I need to work on if I will be getting to goal by my marathon later on this year. My whole point of wanting to lose weight is to get lighter and faster. I guess I am not running to lose weight, but losing weight to run. Does anyone else feel that way?

Onto happier news, I started level two of the 30DS today. This is my second time starting level two. I did it a few years ago and stopped 5 days into level two. This time there is no chance of that. Failure is not an option. The first day really kicked my but. Man I was sweating so much that sweat was going into my eyes and streaking my glasses. I almost took a sweaty pic to post but then realized some of you read this while on a lunch break and would like to retain the contents of your lunch. I am really glad that it’s a bit more challenging because I was tired of level one and could do it with my eyes shut. I am hopping that by day 5 I will be comfortable with the workout.

My Marathon pre-training training isn’t going according to plan. My goal was to be a lot further than I am mile-wise but I am stuck in a rut and struggling to get out. I am only halfway though my 100 miles/month challenge with only ten days left. I could get it done if I log in 5 miles everyday for the rest of the month but I cant seem to motivate myself to move. The weather is shit and conducive to sleeping in. Today I did manage to get myself out of bed and out for a run. It was freezing cold. I had the bright Idiotic Idea to take off my jacket and hoped that the cold wind would force me to move faster. Instead, my elbows froze and I couldn’t move them, I was out of breath trying to fight the freezing cold; and as a result ran only half way and walked the rest of the way home. Some people actually think that I have a really high IQ.

I still have until the 24th of February to build my fitness base for the marathon and I plan on trying my best to rack up the miles. I have started following a lot more running blogs and realized that I am JOKING! There are runners out there who take their running seriously and are doing great preparing for various races. I need to get myself into that mind space.

Every night I put my running clothes together in the hope that I wake up and actually run. Here is to hopping that tomorrow is one of those days and if I can squeeze in a 5-miler, that would be the cherry on top.

and Tuesday and wednesday……………

Day 132: Sometimes All you gotta do is run

This morning I got up and pounded out 5 miles in 59 minutes. it felt good. I think this is the best run I have had since the marathon.

Will be back to my usual schedule and usual routes once I get back home. back to logging in some serious runs.  I need to get back to my pre-marathon runs when getting out for a 10K was considered an easy run

I got on the scale. Bad Idea. I am up a few pounds. I don’t even want to write the number down. Anyways I came to the realization that I am not eating to lose wait. I am eating clean and healthy, but not with the goal to lose weight. Maybe if I was at goal and was maintaining, then it would work but not for weight loss. I need to be at goal before my marathon. It is necessary if I am to get my 3:45. Once I’m back in my element, I need to seriously work on what I eat and when I do it.

Day 123: Day 9 detox, prepping for marathon

Day 9 of detox was more of a success than yesterday. Tomorrow is the last day of my 10-day detox plan but since I cheated quite a few times (two), I am going to continue with the eating plan. It is quite a manageable plan that I think I can maintain.

Green smoothie and green tea for breakfast

A large protein filled salad for lunch and,

Soup for Dinner

What I need to do is keep my eating clean and watch my carbs.


The other major plan for 2013 is my goal to run two marathons. I have already picked out the races and one is in June while the second one is in October.

I want to focus more than ever on my running and my goal is to break into the 9-min pace. The mantra I am borrowing from Nike is # Make it count.

nike obstacles

nike fun run



What I am struggling with is when to start my training. I learned the hard way last time that you can’t train for a marathon and lose weight at the same time. You need to fuel your runs and that’s goes against my weight loss mode. I need to lose at least 10Kgs before I get to my first marathon in June.

The very latest I can start my training is mid February and I Need to do something to get the ball rolling.

I have decided on a marathon plan that I think I can do.

I am using the Hal Higdon training plan.

It’s an 18wk plan that has you running 5 days a week, resting for one day and cross training for the other. I have this tendency to want to run everyday but I will stick to the plan because the experts know best.

18 week marathon training plan

18 week marathon training plan

Plan for January is to focus on weight loss and get out for a run 6-7 days a week. When February gets here, I will get started on my 18wk plan.

It’s gonna be a great year I can feel it.

Day 122: Last blog of 2012; Day 8 whole food detox(I cheated) and 2012 summary

Today was day 8 of my detox and it started off well. Then I had a lunch date and I ate fries. The worst possible thing that I could have eaten and I felt like shit afterwards. Not just guilty but my body felt like it had eaten junk. It was so not worth it. Hindsight is 20/20. I wont beat myself up over it. Tomorrow I pick back up again and finish of my 10 days.

I am also happy to announce that I accomplished my December running challenge. I got in 103 mi, which is three miles over my goal, and I went for a run/jog/walk all 31 days of December 2013. Happy dance.

Averaged 3 miles a day

Averaged 3 miles a day

that sho’ is a lovely picture.


Lets get the not so great news out of the way. I weighed in at 169.2. I am taking this with a grain of salt because of AF.  I will weigh-in again after the week is over.

So 2012 wasn’t a great year in terms of weight loss.
1/1/2012 I weighed in at: 186.8

12/31/12 I weighed in at: 169.2

That means I only lost 17.6 pounds, which is truly terrible.I only averaged 1.5 lb. a month, which ironically is my weekly weight loss goal.

On the brighter side, I am stronger and faster and I have also gone down a few clothes sizes. I might not have lost lbs., but I lost tons of inches. and built muscles. I haven’t had a soda all year and my drink of choice is now water. Looking forward to cooking more of my own food and sharing more with my blog peeps.


I ran a total of 907.75 miles in 2012 in a total of 230 hrs.52 minutes 43 second. I am really proud of this and I cant believe I kept it going. My goal for 2013 is to average 100 mi every month and so I hope to improve on 2012.

I cringe at april only 9.5mi.

I cringe at april only 9.5mi.

I am also just a happier person this year.


Have a great crossing of the year.


Day 121: Day 7 whole food detox and I have never made new years resolutions

I can’t believe I made it to day seven. No more headaches or cravings and I don’t think I can go back to tea/coffee in the morning. I have identified myself for so long as a coffee junkie that’s its weird even thinking about quitting. So I wont heheheh. Just keep it for when I go out with friends and have to read a huge law review.

I’m weighing in tomorrow despite TOM. Maybe it wont be so bad.


I have never made new years resolutions or if I have, I can’t remember so I must not have done anything about them. Mostly becasue I believe people don’t keep ‘em anyways so why bother?

This year I want it to be different.  I am going to write down 13 things I want to get done in 2013 and will do everything in my power to get them done.

13 in 2013


I don’t really know whether to call them goals or resolutions or what. I just want to have a target and work towards it. Maybe the reason resolutions fail is that people make them without having a plan that backs them.


I have racked my brain for what I want this coming year to be like and I think I have about


  1. Work towards finishing law school and with excellent results. This is super important to me. My undergrad was full of last minute studying and putting off schoolwork until the last minute. I made too much time for friends and not enough focus on school. Law school is a different beast. It consumes all your time and you are left with only enough time to sleep and brush your teeth. My friends will have to take a back seat for a while. This doesn’t mean that I wont keep in touch and hang out but it wont be the center of my universe as it was before.
  2. Volunteer in a community project. I think its been a while since I was politically active. In undergrad I was involved in so many things. The most fun was when I worked with hotel union workers and low wage workers who want to unionize for a better living wage. I need to find something that I can work on for the whole year. Not just volunteer once a month. I need an issue that I am passionate about.
  3.    Run 100 miles every month. This is completely doable without breaking a sweat. No matter how busy I am, I always have at least 30 minutes in the day that I can run.
  4.    Train for two marathons in 2013:  I have picked up two races that I want to focus on this year. I am definitely sure that one of them will be a full marathon but I’m still on the fence on whether the second one should be a half. The two races are 4 months apart and so I have enough time to rest and pick up another training session.
  5. Start running in the rain: I live in a place where it rains. ALWAYS. And I always use rain as an excuse for not going for a run. This year, I plan on going to a sports store and outfitting myself with “a run in the rain” running gear. I Hate envy all those of you who go out there no matter what. I want to be one of you in 2013
  6. Get to goal weight-wise: I need to get down 10-15 more kgs. I wont obsess over this but I will make sure my actions are working towards this goal.
  7.  Save up money: I have a number in mind andI will work towards it. I want to be completely independent and debt free by the time I am done with school.
  8. Vacation with my whole family: spend more time with my family and plan a vacation together. Never really done that before because of scheduling conflicts and people living in different parts of the world but its about time. I will take the initiative and even plan it.
  9. Become fit and healthy: It’s not just about weight loss but I want to change my whole body into an efficient machine. I want to run faster, I want to lift heavier and overall good eating habits. I am toying with the idea of going vegan but cant warp my head around no eggs (at one point I couldn’t warp my head around no meat but I broke through that. I sure the egg thing will pass)

10.Be a better friend: I know I just said that my friends need to take a bit of a back seat until after law school but the limited time I spend with them has to be worth it. I have a tendency to stay out of touch and not really communicate and I’m sure it will lose me friends in the future. There really is no reason why I don’t call back or email, I just procrastinate to the point where it never happens.

  1.   Be a better daughter: My mum has sacrificed a lot for me to be where I am today and I want to make sure that I openly show her how appreciative I am. I plan on doing something special for her a few times during the year.

12. Plant a garden: I always joke I want to be a farmer. I think if I wasn’t a lawyer I would be a farmer but whose to say I       cant be both. I want to start growing as much of the food I eat as I can. I definitely have the space and I just need to get down to business and get it done.

13. Maintain my blog: I love having a space where I have to be accountable to and meet new people and hear from people all around the world. My blog also makes me have to think about what I am doing and how innovative I can be. It has made me cook more, create more and be more conscious of myself.


Here is to hoping these don’t fall on the wayside in a few months.

Day 120: Day5 & 6 Whole food Detox: Make your own Vol.2- Hummus

Yesterday was day five of my detox and nothing exciting happened. I did however weigh-in and was down 4 pounds in the four days I have been on the eating plan. That was great news even though my weight is not where I want it to be.

My I have been eating pretty much the same thing daily. If you have ready day 1-4 then you know what I have been eating.


Today I went to the grocery store to get staples for the whole month. Spices, different types of beans and legumes and more containers so I can prep more food in advance. I think I can almost plan a whole menu if I had the patience. The only shopping I need to do now is my weekly fresh food.

My detox was to be for ten days but I think I am going to push it for at least a month. I’m going to try to be as strict as possible with what I eat but will include some extras that have been off limit in these ten days. E.g eggs.

I wanted to weigh in on the 31st so that I can see exactly how much I lost this year. The only problem is that TOM is here and that means my monthly bloating and weight gain of up to 6lbs (yup! My bloating and water retention is that bad.) is here.

This is how I feel about once a month


This will totally throw off my detox results, which really pisses me off. I worked so hard these past few days to eat on plan and I won’t even know how well it worked. Being a woman sucks.

I will push on though.

 Make your Own

I decided to do my second installment of make your own (my quest to rely less on processed food) and since I have been making my own hummus after years of buying it, here is my recipe. Its pretty simple and quick


I cup Dry chickpeas

I medium onion

I large red/green bell pepper

1/3 cup fresh lemon juice

1/4 cup tahini

2 cloves garlic, chopped

1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 1/4 teaspoons coarse salt

¼ teaspoon cumin (I always add cumin to legumes)

olive oil



  1. Soak your chickpeas overnight and boil the following day

    Soak over night and they should double

  2. Sautee your onions, chopped garlic and bell peppers in olive oil for about a minute. (I do this to reduce the taste of raw garlic and onion in my hummus. However if you do not mind it, go ahead and use them raw.

    Sautee for about a minute or two

  3. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend to desired taste. (you can add some of the water you used to boil the chickpeas if you want a smoother consistency or you can add a quarter cup of olive oil to make it smoother.)

    Blend. add lemon juice and olive oil

  4. Store in the refrigerator and you have  delicious chickpea that is cheaper and tastier than store bought.