Day 166 part deux: Carb cycling – low carb day 3: WIAW version

Remembered to do a “what I ate Wednesday”. My low carb version

Breakfast same thing as yesterday. I’ll have to make my protein pancakes soon to change it up.

Cals 430, 3g net carbs,20g protein

Lunch:coconut cauliflower stew and tofu

cals 299, 12g carbs,14 g protein


Afternoon Snack:Thai egg and Zucchini curry with avocado

Calories 288, protein 13g, carbs 2g

Butternut squash curry soup with chunks of tofu

calories 180, carbs 18, protein 13.5


Todays totals

Calories: 1197
carbs: 37g
protein 60g (I am working on getting this to at least 100g)




Day 138: what I ate Wednesday

I decided to join the WIAW movement and see if it will work out. To day I took a picture of all my meals and this is mostly what I have been eating all week. (see food prep)


Avocado “taco” made from two eggs protein pancake
1 piece of toast and PB (totally cheated but it was right there in front of me and I couldn’t resist.)
tea and lemon
32 oz water

used the egg as a tortilla. this is my trick for getting a low carb taco

not be best of pics. Calories 621, Net carbs 19, protein 33. Did not need the toast&PB


Thai stir fry (broccoli, cauliflower,french beans,snap peas,carrots)
salad (I cup lettuce, half a granny smith apple,quarter carrot strips, boiled egg, half Avocado)
32 oz water

Calories 304, net carbs 15, protein 11

Afternoon Snack (before 30DS)

Green tea
I serving nuts

calories 160, net carbs 4g, protein 7g


Green monster smoothie ( 1 cup swiss Chard, 1/2 banana. 1/2 mango, 1 cup soy milk)
32 oz water

Calories 162, net carbs 30, protein 7

I decided to move my green smoothie to dinner so that I can have a bigger breakfast. I run in the morning and I am moving about all day therefore my new strategy is 600/400/200 calories  plan during the day. Heavy in the morning to give me more energy throughout the day and light at dinner time for laying about and watching Telly Studying hard. Isn’t the general rule of thumb “One should always go to bed hungry? “


3.3 mi walk (Didn’t get up in the morning to run because the wing was howling outside and my bed was warmer- excuses… excuses)
30-day shred- day 8 level one.