Day 100: The good, the Bad and the Ugly

Day 100:The good the bad and the Ugly

100 days and I am still blogging. This is the longest I have committed to keeping a journal of any kind. Its also made me more aware of my journey but the best part is all the wonderful people I have met online.

“If you run 100 miles a week, you can eat anything you want – Why? Because: (a) you’ll burn all the calories you consume; (b) you deserve it; and (c) you’ll be injured soon and back on a restricted diet anyway.” – Don Kardong

The Good.

I have gone out for a Run/Walk/Jog everyday so far this December. So far I have 35 miles, which is 10 miles over my goal for the week. My goal to get to 1000 miles is only 4 miles away. I think I will get to it tomorrow. Next week I am upping my mileage up to 4 miles a day. I think December is going to be the month I run everyday. Marathon training starts January 1st. I want to start my year with a bang.


The bad:

I didn’t get on the scale today. I just couldn’t face it.

After my Thursday step on and 2lb gain, I            went off the rails. On Friday, I ate way over my calories and went to a graduation party were I went nuts on the food and alcohol. Not my proudest moment. Right now I am struggling whether or not it will be beneficial to get on the scale. Will seeing a gain kick my but into gear or will I fall further into oblivion.  I think I’ll just do my best this week and I weigh in next Sunday.

The Ugly

I am still bloated and my tummy is acting up. It’s distended, I am in pain but its still not enough to stop me from eating. Ugh. I’m seriously considering the one day juice cleanse just to get my stomach moving. I am feeling horrible and I wish I could just stay away from food for a week or so.  I am starting my 30-day Shred this week. I think I might have to step on the scale before I start just so that I can have an accurate basis to measure my success. I will be creating a new tab just for the shred where I will have before and after pictures, my measurement and finally a review of the program. I want to do the 30 days continuously with no break and so I need to figure out my schedule for the next month to ensure that I have time set aside for it. Its only a 30 minute workout and shouldn’t be too hard to squeeze in.


Have a great week and make good choices.



Day 92: weigh-in and a Run

Today was the first day of my december running challenge. I got up and went for a run. More like attempted a run. anyways I’m getting back in the game slow and steady. I did 2.85mi/ 4.5K in about 4o minutes. I ran half of it and walked the other half back home. my fastest 5K is about 29 minutes and i am slowly building back up to that. tomorrow is another day and another run.

I also weighed in today. I almost didn’t because I’m mid cycle, bloated cramping and generally in a bad mood with the need to eat everything and not exercise ( I keep alternating with the need to eat everything followed by not wanting to see food……. oh but its had to be a woman).


I bit the bullet as one might say and stepped on the scale lo and behold 168.2 thats a loss this week of .4lb. now this might not seem like a lot to anybody else, but I have NEVER lost weight when aunt flo is in town. I ALWAYS gain. in fact I always gain an average of 5lbs most of it just from bloating. Happy dance. I’m hopping that next week when I step on the scale i’ll see and even lower number as the bloat goes down. I didn’t eat perfectly but I averaged 51g of carbs and my calories stayed in the 1400-1500 range. had some rice and chocolate though. damn-it because i was in pain and deserved it.( thats what I tell myself 🙂 I drank a lot of water and lots of tea.

Last week weight 168.6
This week’s weight = 168.2
weight to mini- goal = 8.3
days left= 30

This weekend I plan on working on my goals and progress pages. they have been neglected and i think i’ll add some pics of my progress. I was looking at old pictures on myself and WOW! just wow.


Day 90: A quickie

don’t have anything worth sharing today. Aunt flo is here and I don’t feel like doing anything. fortunately for me unlike previous times, I don’t feel like eating anything either. there is no chocolate in the house so I cant feast on that I also couldn’t be bothered to leave the house and get some.
Drank lots of mint Tea, ate lots f nuts and tried to Finish christopher Hitchens Biography “Hitch 22”
Ah! but the man had wit

I’m also afraid to weigh in on saturday because I am severely bloated and I always gain an average of 5lbs during TOM. i know its water weight and that it will go away but its thoroughly depressing when I see the number on the scale and it usually leads to a downward spiral of me eating everything in sight. counterproductive I know. But i shall brave the scale and hope to use my brain and know that it is all water weight.

I have my running clothes set out for tomorrow morning. lets hope I actually get up and go. I haven’t had a long run since the marathon and I am hopping I can get in at least 5 miles tomorrow.
That was a longer post that I expected.
make good choices people…….at least try 😉

Day 85: Weigh-inw

A day early I know but I have been resisting all week and I just couldn’t this morning. I really needed to see weather the changes i made this week paid off or not. They did and big time.

Last weigh-in Nov 20= 174.8
Todays weigh-in Nov 24= 168.6
Lbs to mini goal = 8.7
Days left to mini goal 36

That’s a loss of 6.2 pounds in a little under a week. that is NUTS!!! Do i think this kind of drop will continue? NO. I know that my body is just dealing with the shock of having minimal carbs especially after all the cake, bread, rice, chapati and whatnots I have been eating over the previous two weeks. I’m am sure that this next week the loss will slow down and get down to a more realistic rate. I am hopping for at least a 2lb loss each week if I keep with the program.

Next week, i hope to maintain what i have been doing this week.

  • Keep my carbs between 50-100g-
  • Drink 3-4 liters of water everyday (needless to say i have been in the loo every 30 minutes)
  • Start running every morning (only did that once this week)
  • Prep my food in advance (soup already in the fridge, salads for lunch and nuts as a snack
  • maintain my caloric intake between 1400-1700

weekends are usually the hardest for me because I tend to indulge. my plan is to make sure that if i indulge in something high carb, i have to make sacrifices somewhere else. I have also come to the realization that its almost impossible to give up rice, and not the good kind but that delicious white basmati with great aroma. I cook it for my mum and cant resist eating it with her.  everything else seems easy to resist except that. I think I will give in to it but no more than 1cup and only twice a week or less. i just need to stop everyone from cooking it.

I think I will weigh myself again on monday to see what damage indulging over the weekend can do. maybe that way i will learn a lesson and control myself.

Day 70: The hard truth

My marathon is in 12 days and I haven’t had a run in 8.

I have been sick for the past week and I had no control over it but yesterday morning I could have run but instead, I sat back down and watched the presidential elections. Ugh. I don’t have my priorities straight.

I am SCARED. I still plan on going through with the run but I’m not sure I can finish.  I just need some confidence boost that I can do it. Not sure how to convince myself.


Today I started getting my grove back on I ran 5K in the morning, which is nothing for someone who needs to run a full marathon. Tomorrow my plan is to try and get in 15K and also get in some serious cardio. My food has improved today and I hope I can get back on track. I’m almost certain I wont be losing any weight this week. I just hope I maintain coz I don’t think I ate that badly. J

Day 66: Weigh-in and Recipe: cabbage soup

Last weigh in: 168
Today: 169.2
Gain: 1.2

I’m not mad at this. Aunt flo has been in town (so bloating is happening) and i have been sick for the past week. I haven’t had a run in 7 days or any exercise whatsoever. I also ate like crap for the past week. I’m starting to feel a lot better and planning to start going hard for the next 14 days.  My marathon is on the 18th on this month which gives me exactly 14 days to get back into shape. I’m going on a strict low carb diet to lose a few pounds for the marathon. I plan on hitting the road hard this week. I learnt a lot from my 10K race last week and know that I run better when I don’t rest.

Here is a great recipe I use once in a while when i need a filling low calorie soup.

Recipe: Not your cabbage soup diet cabbage soup


  • I small head of cabbage
  • I small onion
  • 1 large tomato
  • tomato paste
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 small zucchini
  • 1 cup Textured Vegetable protein (TVP)
  • Water/broth 5 cups
  • Spices coriander, black pepper, basil, curry powder, dried mixed herbs(Go nuts on the spices, I usually just throw in whatever I have in the pantry)
  1. Cut onions and sauté then in some olive oil
  2. Add in the chopped tomatoes, carrots and Zucchini
  3. Cook for a few minutes until the veggies soften and add in 2Tbs of tomato paste and dried mixed herbs
  4. Add the TVP and half a cup of water or broth to hydrate the TVP
  5. Add the chopped cabbage and over the pot to let the cabbage cook
  6. Once the cabbage softens, add in all the remaining spices and let it cook for a few minutes to let the spices blend in
  7. Add the remainder of water/broth and salt to taste
  8. Let it simmer for about an hour or more depending on thickness of soup.
  9.  Can also be cooked in a crockpot

This is a healthy lowish carb and calorie soup. It is very filing and the TVP adds a lot of protein to it.

Makes 9 servings (a serving is a cup; makes it easier to measure)

Calories: 119

Carbs: 16g net carbs:10

Fat: 4g

Protein: 8g

Sodium: 29

Fiber: 6g

source Wp still wont be upload my own pics so I found one that looked exactly like mine

Day 62: The half marathon that turned into a 10K

Finally back into the blogging world. Was away this weekend to run my Half marathon but as you can see from the title of the post that did not happen.

First of the Marathon was in Nairobi, Kenya. It was the Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon and it was all going to a good course. The theme was “Run for a reason, seeing is believing.” The money raised from the marathon was to go towards helping prevent blindness in children under the age of 9. Since its inception in 2003, it has helped over 4000 children countrywide.


Seeing is Believing

The marathon was on Sunday and I was running with my brother Norb, two other brothers were too lazy to run so they came as spectators.  The marathon was organized in 3 shifts. The first was the full marathon and participants had to be there by 6am and the start time was 7am, I was to be in the second shift that would sign in at 6:30 and the start time would be 7:30am, the last was the 10K which was to get off at 8 am. There was also the family run that was a 5k for school kids and those who were out juts for a little fun.

To make a long story short, I was late. Norb forgot to bring his running kit and had to go back to his college room to pick it up, this wouldn’t have been a problem except all the major roads were closed for the marathon and the traffic was bumper to bumper.  We got there 30 minutes late and were just in time for the 10K. The half marathon folks had left over 30 minutes before. Was I fucking pissed. I got over it fast though and I ended up enjoying the 10K. I did it in about 70 minutes, which was pretty bad. We did end up walking for a bout 1K of it.

Me and my bro before teh Race



This race really made me doubt if I am ready for the full I will be running in about 3 weeks. It was only a 10K and I felt pretty burnt out. After a bit of thinking, I have decided that I need to change my running schedule and kick it up a notch. Oh and here is a picture of the Full marathon, in Eldoret. If you have never heard of Eldoret its where all the Kenyan runners come from. A lot of them will be at this Race and if that wasn’t intimidating enough, the hills on this race are pretty damn scary( what the fudge am I gonna do) I’m putting on a brave face. I’m glad I participated in this race coz it taught me a few things about myself.

Route of the Eldoret marathon i'm running in 3 weeks

What I learned about myself (when it comes to running)

1. I don’t need carbs. I ate some cereal before the run and it gave me the worst stitch ever. I also did not feel the need to up my sugar during the run. The Full marathon my need an energy bar midway but breakfast will be an omelet

2. I don’t need to rest before the rest. I red up on runners world that a two-day rest is the best preparation for a race. Ummm….. apparently not for me. I felt unprepared and rusty because I had not moved my feet for two days. I think I will take long hard walks before the race so that my muscles don’t forget how to move

In other news, I weighed in after my trip, which by the way was full of bad eating and a lot of alcohol, and I had lost 200g for a new weight of 167.8. Not too bad. Lets hope the scale keeps moving down. The biggest impediment to my running is my weight. It needs to get down proto.

Ps. WP wont let me upload pics. will do it later after I figure out the problem

Elite runners doing the 42K. fastest time was 2.10

After the race, we borrowed some medals from the full marathon runners to take ics with. :/

me my bro DJ UV and Norb with the marathon clown

I did it; the 10k that is

My Bro 🙂