Day 122: Last blog of 2012; Day 8 whole food detox(I cheated) and 2012 summary

Today was day 8 of my detox and it started off well. Then I had a lunch date and I ate fries. The worst possible thing that I could have eaten and I felt like shit afterwards. Not just guilty but my body felt like it had eaten junk. It was so not worth it. Hindsight is 20/20. I wont beat myself up over it. Tomorrow I pick back up again and finish of my 10 days.

I am also happy to announce that I accomplished my December running challenge. I got in 103 mi, which is three miles over my goal, and I went for a run/jog/walk all 31 days of December 2013. Happy dance.

Averaged 3 miles a day

Averaged 3 miles a day

that sho’ is a lovely picture.


Lets get the not so great news out of the way. I weighed in at 169.2. I am taking this with a grain of salt because of AF.  I will weigh-in again after the week is over.

So 2012 wasn’t a great year in terms of weight loss.
1/1/2012 I weighed in at: 186.8

12/31/12 I weighed in at: 169.2

That means I only lost 17.6 pounds, which is truly terrible.I only averaged 1.5 lb. a month, which ironically is my weekly weight loss goal.

On the brighter side, I am stronger and faster and I have also gone down a few clothes sizes. I might not have lost lbs., but I lost tons of inches. and built muscles. I haven’t had a soda all year and my drink of choice is now water. Looking forward to cooking more of my own food and sharing more with my blog peeps.


I ran a total of 907.75 miles in 2012 in a total of 230 hrs.52 minutes 43 second. I am really proud of this and I cant believe I kept it going. My goal for 2013 is to average 100 mi every month and so I hope to improve on 2012.

I cringe at april only 9.5mi.

I cringe at april only 9.5mi.

I am also just a happier person this year.


Have a great crossing of the year.


Day 121: Day 7 whole food detox and I have never made new years resolutions

I can’t believe I made it to day seven. No more headaches or cravings and I don’t think I can go back to tea/coffee in the morning. I have identified myself for so long as a coffee junkie that’s its weird even thinking about quitting. So I wont heheheh. Just keep it for when I go out with friends and have to read a huge law review.

I’m weighing in tomorrow despite TOM. Maybe it wont be so bad.


I have never made new years resolutions or if I have, I can’t remember so I must not have done anything about them. Mostly becasue I believe people don’t keep ‘em anyways so why bother?

This year I want it to be different.  I am going to write down 13 things I want to get done in 2013 and will do everything in my power to get them done.

13 in 2013


I don’t really know whether to call them goals or resolutions or what. I just want to have a target and work towards it. Maybe the reason resolutions fail is that people make them without having a plan that backs them.


I have racked my brain for what I want this coming year to be like and I think I have about


  1. Work towards finishing law school and with excellent results. This is super important to me. My undergrad was full of last minute studying and putting off schoolwork until the last minute. I made too much time for friends and not enough focus on school. Law school is a different beast. It consumes all your time and you are left with only enough time to sleep and brush your teeth. My friends will have to take a back seat for a while. This doesn’t mean that I wont keep in touch and hang out but it wont be the center of my universe as it was before.
  2. Volunteer in a community project. I think its been a while since I was politically active. In undergrad I was involved in so many things. The most fun was when I worked with hotel union workers and low wage workers who want to unionize for a better living wage. I need to find something that I can work on for the whole year. Not just volunteer once a month. I need an issue that I am passionate about.
  3.    Run 100 miles every month. This is completely doable without breaking a sweat. No matter how busy I am, I always have at least 30 minutes in the day that I can run.
  4.    Train for two marathons in 2013:  I have picked up two races that I want to focus on this year. I am definitely sure that one of them will be a full marathon but I’m still on the fence on whether the second one should be a half. The two races are 4 months apart and so I have enough time to rest and pick up another training session.
  5. Start running in the rain: I live in a place where it rains. ALWAYS. And I always use rain as an excuse for not going for a run. This year, I plan on going to a sports store and outfitting myself with “a run in the rain” running gear. I Hate envy all those of you who go out there no matter what. I want to be one of you in 2013
  6. Get to goal weight-wise: I need to get down 10-15 more kgs. I wont obsess over this but I will make sure my actions are working towards this goal.
  7.  Save up money: I have a number in mind andI will work towards it. I want to be completely independent and debt free by the time I am done with school.
  8. Vacation with my whole family: spend more time with my family and plan a vacation together. Never really done that before because of scheduling conflicts and people living in different parts of the world but its about time. I will take the initiative and even plan it.
  9. Become fit and healthy: It’s not just about weight loss but I want to change my whole body into an efficient machine. I want to run faster, I want to lift heavier and overall good eating habits. I am toying with the idea of going vegan but cant warp my head around no eggs (at one point I couldn’t warp my head around no meat but I broke through that. I sure the egg thing will pass)

10.Be a better friend: I know I just said that my friends need to take a bit of a back seat until after law school but the limited time I spend with them has to be worth it. I have a tendency to stay out of touch and not really communicate and I’m sure it will lose me friends in the future. There really is no reason why I don’t call back or email, I just procrastinate to the point where it never happens.

  1.   Be a better daughter: My mum has sacrificed a lot for me to be where I am today and I want to make sure that I openly show her how appreciative I am. I plan on doing something special for her a few times during the year.

12. Plant a garden: I always joke I want to be a farmer. I think if I wasn’t a lawyer I would be a farmer but whose to say I       cant be both. I want to start growing as much of the food I eat as I can. I definitely have the space and I just need to get down to business and get it done.

13. Maintain my blog: I love having a space where I have to be accountable to and meet new people and hear from people all around the world. My blog also makes me have to think about what I am doing and how innovative I can be. It has made me cook more, create more and be more conscious of myself.


Here is to hoping these don’t fall on the wayside in a few months.