Meal plan:Vegetarian low carb wk1

I did my food prep yesterday, all the while watching the first season of breaking bad and taking a nap. It rained all day yesterday as a result I never left my house. It felt great not having anything to do

I had already made my menu and as a result only had a few things to prep.

Here is what my menu looks like. I simplified it by dividing it into breakfast foods; lunch and dinner are stacked together and finally snacks. This way I can alternate them through out the week without getting bored of anything particular. Since its raining a lot and a bit chilly here, I will be making a weekly soup that I can have for either lunch or dinner depending on what mood I am in.



Fried egg

Avocado and salsa

Lowcarb protein pancakes

Egg taco with TVP filling


Lunch and Dinner

Avocado and salsa

Salad (Lettuce, cucumber, carrots)

Stir-fry Veggies (broccoli, sugar snap peas, French beans, carrots and onion)

Split pea soup




Yoghurt cups

Chopped fruit and veggies


Here is what a sample day will look like.

Today for breakfast I had

  • ¼ avocado with about 2Tbs of homemade salsa
  • 2 LC protein pancakes recipe here
  • 1 mug of coffee
  • 1 fried egg

Total calories 496; net carbs 10; protein 36g


  • I Cup yoghurt
  • I carrot cut into strips

Calories 140 calories; net carbs 17g; protein 5g


  • Stir-fry (broccoli, sugar snap peas, French beans, carrots and onion)
  • Side salad (lettuce, avocado, homemade salsa)

Total calories 164; net carbs 12; protein;5g (to top up on the protein, add tofu or TVP)


  • Split pea soup


Breakfast and lunch

snack of egg and TVP taco and split pea soup for dinner



This is pretty much the template I will be using for the entire week. Next week I will change it up. I want to be more adventurous and think up new things tat I can change into low carb. I want to make this sustainable by only keeping the foods in my menu at my house.

The only food prep I had to do was make the pancakes, the salsa and the soup. I chopped up the veggies and potion controlled them.

protein pancake. recipe on low cab recipes tag

homemade pico de gallo / salsa



Total calories for the day

800 and dinner still left

Net carbs: 39g + dinner

Protein: 46g I need to work on getting in more protein



Plans, plans and More plans……..

SOrry for the absence. AGAIN. I had made a pledge to blog daily in may but i failed on the first day. To make a long story short, I had been moving apartments, just got my internet set up and finally settling in. As a result, I have neglected everything. Running, exercise or any remote type on being on track.
my internet is still choppy but I shall attempt to try posting on a regular basis. I have made plans, plans and more plans………

I can’t seem to cure myself of making grand plans at the beginning of the week, month or year. The only problem is that so far, I haven’t seen any of them through.
So today begins a new month and yet more plans. So by following the same old script, the plan includes a food plan( mostly the low carb or more correctly reduced carb plan). The second is a pledge to try an go to the gym( I got my gym membership back because I have no self discipline to do workouts at home (the result being an almost 10lb gain over the past 6 months I have been without a gym membership.) and finally my ever ending quest to finish 30 consecutive days of the 30 day shred. This month i has no excuse to finish as I have no plans of any out of town plans or disruptions to my schedule.
The food plan is done and the workouts scheduled. Will this be the month I stick to plan?…..

Before I forget I weighed in at 179.8 yesterday. So that is my start point for may. I am back to my weekly weigh-ins. Not weighing in proved to be disastrous for me.

That’s it for now. I Plan on doing some major grocery shopping this weekend, have a major food prep and plan a whole weeks menu. Look out for that soon and lots of pics too.

Day 160: Facing the Music

Now that my holiday is over, it’s time to face the music. I stepped on the scale and its worse than I thought.

Here is the cold hard truth in Black and white 175.6. Yup! That’s over a 5lb gain in about a week.

It really clicked in my brain that I have been off my game the past few weeks. I was so good during the holidays but for some reason after the New Year, I Just didn’t give a fudge.

My running has suffered, I haven’t had a decent workout in a few weeks and my eating has gone to the pigs.

I need to implement a few plans that I have been bouncing around my head and blog.

I am going grocery shopping today for my carb cycling. Lots of low carb high protein vegetarian foods. I am going to make a menu for my low carb days and my high carb days.

Tomorrow will be day one of the low carb cycle. This means my carb intake will be between 30-50g of carbs and try to get my protein above 100g. my calories will be at 1200 .My first cycle will be Friday- Sunday.
This will be followed by my high carb day where by I will be getting my carbs up to 175g (my current weight in grams) and my protein will stay at the same level. My calories will go up to 1700-1800 to compensate for the increased intake carbs. My high carb day will also see an increase in my running mileage and strength training.

Apart from my food plan, I am back on track with my running. My goal is to get in 6-7 days a week until I start my marathon-training plan. I need to get back in the groove before I can seriously start my training. Registration for the marathon is next week and I think that is the kick in the butt I so urgently need.

After I get my shopping and menu set, I will share in detail what I plan to eat during each phase of the cycle.

Wish me luck.

Here is a sample on macros for carb cycling.

You can calculate what you need to eating.

Day 151: How to read food labels

Rule number of better eating is to know your food, which means, learn how to read your labels.

I think the biggest shock I got about healthy eating was just how little I knew about what went into my food. It was after I watched Michael Polan’s Food Inc. that I started really looking into what I ate and where it came from. After A while, it’s almost impossible for me to put anything in my cart without firt looking at the label and figuring out what is in it and how it will affect me once I eat it.

Reading labels might seem daunting at first by there are a few simple rules that will make it a breeze.


Ingredients List: ingredients on labels are listed in order of weight( the amount of the ingredient in the product). Look for foods containing unprocessed, recognizable ingredients.  If you can’t pronounce or don’t recognize some of the ingredients, put the product back on the shelf! Avoid foods where the first 4 ingredients is sugar in its many forms.

Serving size: This is where retailers trick us into thinking that something has less calories than it does. Suggesting serving size and what people actually eat are two different things. Make sure that you are adding your calories according to what you actually ate. Don’t assume the whole pack equates the calories written.

Calorie count: make sure you check the calorie count on food before purchasing. Also ask yourself if the calories provided is actually worth what you will be getting.

General Guide to Calories

  • 40 Calories is low
  • 100 Calories is moderate
  • 400 Calories or more is high


Total Fat:  Aim low: Most people need to cut back on fat! Try to limit your calories from fat.  For a healthy heart, choose foods with a big difference between the total number of calories and the number of calories from fat.


GMO or Organic: if this is important to you, make sure you check to see how your ingredients are grown. Understanding how this food is labeled will be your best guide


Day 131: coconut cauliflower stew

I am travelling tomorrow to go back to school after spending the holidays with my mum and so I decided to throw together everything I had left in the pantry to make something delicious.

I had a can of coconut milk and a head of cauliflower and decided to use that s my base. I then rummaged the fridge for left over veggies I had and decided to make a stew. I wasn’t really in the mood for a soup.

Coconut cauliflower stew

I medium zucchini

1 cup chopped French beans

2 chopped tomatoes

Crushed garlic

I purple onion

I can coconut milk

Mixed spice

Curry powder
cayenne pepper

–       Heat up oil in a pan and sauté onions and garlic until softened. Add mixed spice, curry powder and cayenne pepper and continue to sauté for about a minute

–       Add chopped tomatoes and zucchini and stew for a minute

–       And the coconut milk and a half cup of water with the cauliflower and French beans

add coconut milk and a half cup of water or broth

add coconut milk and a half cup of water or broth

add the cauliflower

add the cauliflower

–       Reduce heat to medium-low and let it simmer partially covered for 15 minutes.

let it simmer until the cauliflower is soft. 15 mins

let it simmer until the cauliflower is soft. 15 mins

–       Remove form heat and you have the option of adding in chopped cilantro.

–       Enjoy



3 servings

Calories: 214, carbs net- 12,fat 16, protein 4g, sodium 39, fiber 5g

Day 56: The one with the Psycho scale


First of I got a great comment yesterday about eating more. I know in the long run eating at a low net caloric deficit is not good for me. Even though I am eating about 1400-1600 calories a day, I am burning about 1000 and not eating any of it back. I just feel like if I eat all my exercise calories back, I will be over-eating and will gain weight. This is a mental game.  I need to be able to eat what my body needs and not feel guilty about it.

It will take me some time to get to that place. I have been over eating for so long and I am just now trying to teach my body to eat what it needs.


Today I did no go for my run. I got up and just thought that I need rest before the race and went back to sleep. Now a few hours later I feel guilty. I jut think that I was lazy and making excuses about rest so as not to run. I am only 2 days away from my race and I need to finish this half in order to prove to myself that I can complete the full marathon next month.


Because I wont be around on Sunday to weight in, I decided to step on the scale today to see how my new low carb is going. My scale went Crazy.

My previous weight was 170.0 . When I got on this morning I saw a 161.2 !!!!!!! What???? I couldn’t believe it.  No way had lost about 9 pounds in less than a week. So I got back on and what do I see 164.0. TWICE!!!!!!. Now I am completely confused and kinda pissed off.

I turned off the scale and got back on again. I got a 162 twice and 165.8 at least 3 times. So this morning’s trip on the scale gave me a range between 161-165. I have no idea what weight to put down but to be on the safe side I will note it down the highest weight of 165.8. Either way, I should be glad that I am out of the 170’s. I wouldn’t be surprise if I got back on and was back to the 70’s. That’s how nuts my scale seems to be.


At any rate, going back to my low carb ways sees to be working for me. I haven’t been as strict as I was before and have been averaging about 100g this week. I think I will keep it there unless I plateau again and need to lower it again.


I wont be able to get on here again until after my race. I will be out of town with 3 of my younger brothers. This means its will be noting but junk food and alcohol for three whole days. Dear lord give me the strength to resist all of it.  I will track everything and be absolutely honest with myself. I plan of getting some healthy snack in my bag like nuts to help me fill up and resist the junk.

My race is on Sunday and I hope I can finish the whole 21KM. I will not be setting a time goal and I will be doing it on low cab. I think I have read enough from others who run low carb and this will be my test before my Full marathon. I might carry an energy bar just incase I feel I need it.


I have types up a bunch of recipes and taken pictures. Will need to put them up soon. I just need time to organize it all.


Have a great weekend everyone and make great choices. (I hope I can)