It’s the first of the month ergo challenge time

My goal is to defeat the demon that keeps me from finishing this 30 day challenges. I am going to really try and keep myself accountable and finish it this time. i think I should motivate myself with a little reward after. if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I got this from the 30-Day challenge website. they have challenges for everything. check it out

I also started my Run everyday November challlenge. Im still recovering from my Half marathon so I just walked 4.5 miles this morning.

since its the first of the month I also weighed in at a saddening 181.0 lbs. This just makes me want to cry since i was doing so well last year. My goal is to get to 175  by the end of the month. I think giving myself small goals is the way to go. this was I am  not putting too much pressure on myself. Still haven’t decided wether i will be weighing in weekly or at the end of the month.

Today i have a meeting with my gym instructor. we are going to come up with a full body strength workout session that I can do 3 times a week. I also have my friday kickboxing classes that are MURDER.  So there is my fitness plan for the month. Now if I can only get my eating in check i think this month might just be killer. especially since it’s my birthday month.  which is 3 days away… :O getting older.



MY Half- MArathon Recap

Yup!!! I did it all 21KMS/31.1mi

I should probably start with the obligatory apology: Sorry I have been away for eons but school has been a B.  The good news is that I have still been running and have even been averaging 100 mi a month.

I was running the Nairobi Stanchart marathon on Sunday and thought I should share it with you amazing guys.

The week before the marathon I was a mess. I was suffering from a case of the nerveees and major self-doubt.

But the morning of I was feeling a little better about myself. I got to the start at around 6:50 and was there in time for the start of the 42KM tricycle race and 21KM wheelchair race. I mean RESPECT to those guys. Can you imagine peddling one of these for 42Km or propelling a wheelchair for 21KMS?  This is the stuff that really shows us what the human spirit can do.

starting point


amputees doing the full marathon tri cycle race!! WOW


I was super excited about the start of the 42KM. I mean this is Nairobi Kenya so what are the odds that there are a few famous runners around. I did not manage to snap any but these guys are a work of art. Their bodies are something else. No ounce of fat and nothing but muscles on their legs and their strides are long and rhythmic. I could watch these guys forever.

starting point before countdown

off they went


I mean Wilson Kipsand just broke a new record last month running at 2:03:23 and if that number isn’t impressive enough for you just go out to your local track and try run a lap in 70 seconds. Then do it again 105 times. Yes!!!!!! That’s how fucking nuts it is.

Anyways I was a screaming nuut case when the elite runners set off and I knew in about 30 minutes it would be time for the 21KM guys to set off. I was pumped and full of energy.

Waiting for the start

Waiting for the start

Me an my little brother before the race

Me an my little brother before the race


There is something about the adrenaline rush you get when you are about to do something that majority of the people think is nuts.  I was really on a natural high and my fist mile was a complete breeze and so was the next 5 miles.

When I hit the 6-7 miles I was seriously hitting a bit of a struggle I made the mistake that I was afraid of the most. I STARTED TOO FAST. I mean I have read enough articles and run enough to know that that starting too fast is the worst thing one can do. I was clearing 2 minutes off my training mile time. So my last half was a complete struggle and I thought I would get a better time but I clocked in a 2:41 and I am super duper excited that I did it in less than 3 hrs.

The last mile was the longest of my life. I was seriously thinking I should get into the struggle bus. But there was no way I could live with myself I had given up so quick to the finish line.

this was me the last mile

this was me the last mile

I know now I am not ready for a FULL. I mean the last time I did a Full DNF at 30 KM. I need to seriously work on my weight loss if a full is anywhere in my future. So now I have set myself a type of deadline. If I can have lost 20KG by the time the next Stanchart marathon comes around, I will register for the full. The weight loss however is not the only condition. I need to maintain at least 120 miles a month until the said time.  but for now I will celebrate my Half- Marathon accomplishment  and enjoy my medal.

YAY medalsss :) :)

YAY medalsss 🙂 🙂

I really miss blogging on a regular basis. Im thinking about making November a blog everyday challenge just so I can get back into the grove of things. I might have to make it more journal like and not focus only on vegetarianism and running. maybe I could start gossiping about my friends :/

Meal plan:Vegetarian low carb wk1

I did my food prep yesterday, all the while watching the first season of breaking bad and taking a nap. It rained all day yesterday as a result I never left my house. It felt great not having anything to do

I had already made my menu and as a result only had a few things to prep.

Here is what my menu looks like. I simplified it by dividing it into breakfast foods; lunch and dinner are stacked together and finally snacks. This way I can alternate them through out the week without getting bored of anything particular. Since its raining a lot and a bit chilly here, I will be making a weekly soup that I can have for either lunch or dinner depending on what mood I am in.



Fried egg

Avocado and salsa

Lowcarb protein pancakes

Egg taco with TVP filling


Lunch and Dinner

Avocado and salsa

Salad (Lettuce, cucumber, carrots)

Stir-fry Veggies (broccoli, sugar snap peas, French beans, carrots and onion)

Split pea soup




Yoghurt cups

Chopped fruit and veggies


Here is what a sample day will look like.

Today for breakfast I had

  • ¼ avocado with about 2Tbs of homemade salsa
  • 2 LC protein pancakes recipe here
  • 1 mug of coffee
  • 1 fried egg

Total calories 496; net carbs 10; protein 36g


  • I Cup yoghurt
  • I carrot cut into strips

Calories 140 calories; net carbs 17g; protein 5g


  • Stir-fry (broccoli, sugar snap peas, French beans, carrots and onion)
  • Side salad (lettuce, avocado, homemade salsa)

Total calories 164; net carbs 12; protein;5g (to top up on the protein, add tofu or TVP)


  • Split pea soup


Breakfast and lunch

snack of egg and TVP taco and split pea soup for dinner



This is pretty much the template I will be using for the entire week. Next week I will change it up. I want to be more adventurous and think up new things tat I can change into low carb. I want to make this sustainable by only keeping the foods in my menu at my house.

The only food prep I had to do was make the pancakes, the salsa and the soup. I chopped up the veggies and potion controlled them.

protein pancake. recipe on low cab recipes tag

homemade pico de gallo / salsa



Total calories for the day

800 and dinner still left

Net carbs: 39g + dinner

Protein: 46g I need to work on getting in more protein



Reward system and home gyms


I think at some point in time I have written down reward systems for my weight loss or millage on my Nike+ but I have never really seen it through. As I struggle to add regular home workouts into my daily routine, I have realized that I need to invest in some at home workout equipment.  A treadmill is out because I prefer to run outside but I would like to have an extensive workout DVD collection that I can pop in at anytime to spice things up. Right now I only have the 30DS and Insanity.

I also want to add some equipment e.g. dumbbells, kettle balls and exercise balls. So I have decided that I will reward myself these as a reach various weight loss milestones. I decided on a 5lb interval to move things along faster.

This would be my ideal Source Skinnymom

Here is what I have written down so far

Current weight 176.0

  • Ist goal: 170= New yoga mat + yoga workout DVD
  • 2nd goal: 165= Exercise ball + DVD
  • 3rd goal: 160= Kettle ball (2) + kettle ball DVD workout
  • 4th goal: 155= Dumbbell set
  • 5th goal: 150 =
  • 6th goal: 145=
  • 7th goal: 140
  • Reevaluate goals

I have no time limit on these goals. However I do have about 7 months to get to my goal weight. Which means a loss of about 35lbs at a rate of 5lbs per month. Nothing is set in stone so we shall make plans as time goes by.