Flyby post with homemade cold remedy

I have been sick and suffering from the cold for the past week. As a result I have neglected everything including this blog.trying to get myself better so that I can get back to a regular exercise and running schedule.
I found this homemade remedy on pinterest and have been trying to make it work for me.
I promise to be back on once I get better and can share more. For the time being, i’ll try and share anything interesting i see online.

Cold Remedy
You will need
1. honey
2. Fresh grated ginger
3. Garlic crushed (fresh not the already shopped jared type)
4. Lemon juice (Fresh)
5. Hot water

Mix all the ingredients into a mortar and pestle and crush until they form a mixture. add hot water and sieve into a glass. drink while still hot.

So I have been drinking this concoction for the past week and its definitely working.


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