Happy Women’s day.

Women's day

I guess I have to wish every woman out there a happy women’s day. Just more evidence that we are in such a minority that we still need to have a little day to make us feel special. I guess my thoughts on women’s day run along the lines of Black history month. why should it be separated from the rest of the days. Women should be appreciated daily for their accomplishments and contributions to society. It should be a no brianer. However I live in the real world and realize that strides towards gender equality still need to be made and so for the time being. Happy women’s day.


On the other hand, I read this blog about the science behind food and weight loss and I though I should share.
it’s from my Peonut  on her awesome blog http://peonut.com/

The Truth About Food.


3 thoughts on “Happy Women’s day.

  1. Glad to see there are other MEN in this universe who liked your blog. I worked in a shipyard while my wife was a stay at home mom with our four kids. Any time I’d here some knucklehead say their wives didn’t do anything, I’d tell them to try raising four kids, do house work, take care of injuries, referee fights, clean shit, etc. etc. and you’ll be running back to the shipyard. Oh, and great poster.

    • well said. I like to say that every role is equally as important and it’s great to see that the roles are not as defined as before. there are some great men out there staying at home and raising families.

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