Day 179: Marathon training day2, week1/18 and safety while running in the dark

tToday was my first actual run. 3 miles and it was glorious. It has been a while since I actually went out and run with a purpose in mind and it felt great. Now if we can just keep this streak going for another 17 weeks, we should be fine.

I got up at 5:31. Dallied around in bed and finally got out of the house at about 6am. The moon was out and there was a gentle breeze that makes me just wanna go go go.

I wasn’t fast at all but my main goal was to try and run as much as possible. I ran the first 2 miles and did a fast walk for the last mile. This is what happens when you take time of running. My body needs to get back to when I could run 3 miles in under 30 minutes without breaking a sweat.

Running alone in the early morning, as a girl is risky. In the past I never really paid much attention to be but of late I have been watching Disappeared on  the discovery channel where people just vanish out of nowhere and are never seen again and this spooked me a bit. Today morning, there was no one in sight and I kept imagining that some kidnapper or rapist murderer or even worse a Jehovah’s Witness would pounce our of the dark and grab me. As y runs get longer, I will need to leave the house earlier and earlier and my OH has no interest in getting up early and going out with me, so I figure I need to get prepared.

Here are some things to keep in mind while running in the dark.

1. wear reflectors.
Now this seems counter intuitive especially since you don’t want to be easy prey for the aforementioned nutters but you do want to be easily seen to avoid being hit over by a car. wear clothes that are bright and reflective and can easily be seen in the dark. another option is to buy reflector strips and pin them onto your running clothes.

This good.

This bad

2. Know your route.
I can not even begin to tell you how many times i’ve almost fallen into a man hole, pot hole or other types of holes on routes that i had not been on before. make sure that if you are running in the early mornings or late nights, it is a route that you know well and wont be surprised and later found in a ditch with broken limbs.No Bueno. Run the route during the day so that you are familiar with your surroundings.

3. Be aware
This just means to keep an eye on your surroundings. most of us like to run with our music  at full blast but this can be dangerous. you might not be able to hear an oncoming car honking or you will probably get distracted while someone sneaks up on you. as a general rule, I almost never listen to music if its dark outside and no one is around. if you cant run without music, keep the volume low to the point that you can hear what is around you or even better, run with only one ear plugged.

4. Other sensible things to do.

Vary your route. incase some pervy wanker has been watching out for you, you can switch it up and keep them guessing.Always Run against traffic because it’s easier to avoid a car if you can see it coming, carry an ID and cell phone incase of emergency.


Last but not least ladies, Carry pepper spray

try not be like the Idiot cop who sprayed a bunch of peaceful students.


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