Day 177: T-0 Marathon training starts tomorrow.

I am excited about this. I am making a promise to myself that I will make it through this 18 weeks and I will finish my marathon.

I have also made a monumental decision. I am taking a hiatus on my weight loss journey. I learned the hard way last time when training for my last marathon that I couldn’t keep my mind on running while also trying to lose weight. Trying to watch calories while at the same time trying to fill up on my energy reserves for running drove me mental.

I am sure that with all the running that I will be doing and watching what I eat, I will be losing weight and toning up. I just don’t want it to be a focus that drives me during these four months. I will probably only weigh myself at the end of each month. I hope to be down 4-5lbs per month and just take it nice and slow. I just hope that I can get faster and stronger as the days go by. I will measure my success on how well my clothes fit and how much faster I can run. The scale is on a break.



  • So my first day of training is tomorrow and it starts with cross training. For my cross training, I have decided to do a 3 mile walk followed by an hour of any random INSANITY dvd I pick. If this gets boring, I will be getting on my bike and riding a few miles. I think I will be making a weekly plan and so this will allow me to change it up for cross training.
  • I will work on following the plan and taking rest days.
  • As for my eating, I will be taking a step back from my low carb and upping my intake to about 100-150g.  This means whole-wheat bread, pita and tortillas are back on plan and brown rice with a lot of legumes are back. I will still keep my eating clean, which means no junk.

I’m keeping it plain and simple. Run daily; eat right and stick to plan.


I went out this afternoon and got a new pair of shoes. Now I know this was going to be one of my rewards for getting halfway through the plan, but I decided that I needed something to boost my mood and get me focused on the running.

I got the Nike lunars. I got mine in green. it’s like running on clouds.






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