Day 172: Marathon Training is around the corner

And I have only managed about 11 miles this month. Am I fucken Nuts???? I can’t believe how much my running has suffered so far this year. to be quite honest, If I did not have the marathon to think about, running would probably be the last thing on my mind

I am doing the 18 week plan which means Sunday, february 24th, should be my week one. I am not where I wanted to be physically. all my new year plans are pretty much a bust. instead of giving up on my resolutions i’m gonna re-evaluate and get back on task after all the year isn’t done yet and there is still time for improvement.

My marathon is on the 29th of june and I cant wait. registration doesn’t open until the end of this mind and for psychological reasons, i need to register as soon as possible. I think once I pay my fee ( which by the way has doubled since the last time I checked), I will kick it into high gear. I need some type of reward system that will get me through my training. I have changed my screen saver to a picture of my training plan and some weeks look tough.

First 3 weeks don’t look too bad.

I think I will right down a list of all the things I have been wanting to get myself and will put down some money for every mile run. at the end of the week I can then treat myself to it. at least 90% of my rewards have to be fitness or running related. E.g if I complete the half marathon o=on week nine, i can get myself a new pair of running shoes and break them in in time for the marathon. Or i can get a new workout DVD or new set of weights. The remaining 10%, I will just spoil myself 🙂




5 thoughts on “Day 172: Marathon Training is around the corner

  1. Good idea on the rewards. Maybe a good six pack of beer if you hit a weekly mileage goal or something.
    I also find it difficult to stay motivated when I don’t have a big race on my schedule. 5Ks and 10Ks are not enough to keep me pushing harder. I’m still trying to find a marathon to run with some friends but we’re not agreeing on anything yet.

  2. I’m one week ahead of you for a marathon date and so my training started this week. I say, forgot about what happened before training. Do what you want this week so you can be fully committed on the 24th. or Start training now and then know that you’ve got some wiggle room in your schedule.

  3. I just wrote a post about how I hate signing up for a race, but I need to sign up as early as possible to train for it. I just signed up for a half marathon on June 23, and I hope to run it in under 2 hours. I love your idea with the rewards, I think that this can be very motivating as well. Good luck with the training, and I’ll keep reading, so be sure to get your runs in 😉 !

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