Day 159: an Update

Been away on a bit of a break but now I am back into the full swing of this. As a result of this small break. I am totally of my game plan, I haven’t been on a run since the 23rd the longest stretch ever.

I ate everything and anything I wanted and as result I have gained about 2kgs. Now that I am back home. I need to work on a plan and get to shopping. will share soon.

The basic plan is to start on my carb cycling program and to start lifting heavy. My marathon training starts in about 3 weeks and I need to get my running back on track.


Since I have nothing better to talk about, here is a Gratuitous picture of myself (GPOY)


5 thoughts on “Day 159: an Update

  1. Love the pic! I too have been experiancing “holiday mode” and finding it super hard to get out of it, time to get my show on the road too! 🙂 Happy running!

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