Day 145:Feeling meh and proper Breathing when running

Been feeling a bit out of it yesterday and today. The week started off with a bang and I was ready to conquer the world. Then today I woke up at 5:31, (my alarm clock is permanently set to that time because I am too lazy to change it to 5:30) got dressed to go and run, got to my door turned back and crawled back into bed. Makes no sense at all. I did manage to get in a 4-mile walk later on today but I really don’t count it because it was not an actual run.

My eating has been horrendous. Nothing processed or Junk but just a lot of bread and rice. As a result, I was hungry all the time and just wanted to eat. I went to the supermarket today and spent a lot of money. Hopefully all the fresh food I got will get me back on track tomorrow. I will be making my TVP patties (Recipe here) and can munch on those for breakfast instead of the toast and eggs I have been having.

I’m feeling a bit down. Not really sure what’s up with that but my attitude towards most things this week has been meh!! I need a kick in the butt is what.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to try and get in a 5-mile run. I just realized that since the marathon last November I haven’t run a 10K. This weekend I plan to change that. I plan on getting in a 10-12 KM run and I just need to figure out the right incentive to get me out.


In more serious running news, I hate the way I breathe when I run. When I am without my headphones, I think that I am about to pass out due to my all over the place loud breathing. I went to the trusted interwebs to try and find out whether there was an ideal and effective way to breath while running and got some tips and exercises on how to achieve this from


Did you know that we can either breathe with out chest or stomach???? I was in choir while in high school and we were always told to breathe with our stomachs. A simple test is to run until you are huffing and place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. If the hand on your chest is moving up and down more than the one on your tummy, you are breathing with your chest and this is not the most effective way to do it while running. However, if the hand on your tummy is moving more than the one on your chest, then Rock on, you are ahead of the game. According to Gina Demillo from runner’s world, when training to run, we often work on our legs and heart endurance and neglect the Diaphragm. She says,
A strong respiratory system can improve your running. It’s a simple equation: Better breathing equals more oxygen for your muscles, and that equals more endurance.”

She continues to state that as a runner, it is better to learn how to belly-breathe and break the bad habit of chest breathing.

When you chest breathe, your shoulders get tense and move up and down. That’s wasted energy-energy you should conserve for running.”


source: runnersworld

For more info on studies supporting this and tips on how to improve your breathing, check out the entire article here. There are some great instructional videos on improving your breathing.






One thought on “Day 145:Feeling meh and proper Breathing when running

  1. I am wondering if you are putting too much pressure on yourself. I know there are goals we need to set and sometimes we don’t reach them for lots of reasons, but I have found that sometimes we make it too hard for ourselves and re-adjusted goals is better ( I do this myself)

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