Day 143: Weigh-in, 30 Day shred level 2, Marathon pre-training training

Let’s start with the bad news first.

Last weigh-in 1/14= 173.6
(this was up 4.4 lbs. from previous weight. After a weekend of football (soccer for the Americans), beer and pizza)

This week 1/21= 170.6
A loss of 3lbs after a slight improvement in eating

Anyone else tired of this cycle? Gaining and losing the same 10lbs over and over. It’s entirely my fault really. Consistency has not been my middle name. This is something I need to work on if I will be getting to goal by my marathon later on this year. My whole point of wanting to lose weight is to get lighter and faster. I guess I am not running to lose weight, but losing weight to run. Does anyone else feel that way?

Onto happier news, I started level two of the 30DS today. This is my second time starting level two. I did it a few years ago and stopped 5 days into level two. This time there is no chance of that. Failure is not an option. The first day really kicked my but. Man I was sweating so much that sweat was going into my eyes and streaking my glasses. I almost took a sweaty pic to post but then realized some of you read this while on a lunch break and would like to retain the contents of your lunch. I am really glad that it’s a bit more challenging because I was tired of level one and could do it with my eyes shut. I am hopping that by day 5 I will be comfortable with the workout.

My Marathon pre-training training isn’t going according to plan. My goal was to be a lot further than I am mile-wise but I am stuck in a rut and struggling to get out. I am only halfway though my 100 miles/month challenge with only ten days left. I could get it done if I log in 5 miles everyday for the rest of the month but I cant seem to motivate myself to move. The weather is shit and conducive to sleeping in. Today I did manage to get myself out of bed and out for a run. It was freezing cold. I had the bright Idiotic Idea to take off my jacket and hoped that the cold wind would force me to move faster. Instead, my elbows froze and I couldn’t move them, I was out of breath trying to fight the freezing cold; and as a result ran only half way and walked the rest of the way home. Some people actually think that I have a really high IQ.

I still have until the 24th of February to build my fitness base for the marathon and I plan on trying my best to rack up the miles. I have started following a lot more running blogs and realized that I am JOKING! There are runners out there who take their running seriously and are doing great preparing for various races. I need to get myself into that mind space.

Every night I put my running clothes together in the hope that I wake up and actually run. Here is to hopping that tomorrow is one of those days and if I can squeeze in a 5-miler, that would be the cherry on top.

and Tuesday and wednesday……………

9 thoughts on “Day 143: Weigh-in, 30 Day shred level 2, Marathon pre-training training

  1. Have you considered cross-training? Since you are not yet in full swing of training for your marathon, why not add something different into you workout – bike, yoga, aerobics, etc. The key at this point is to build your cardio. You don’t want to get tired of running before you even start training.

      • As a beginner, I would simply find a beginners class that fits into your schedule. You will figure out what type of yoga you like to do by trial and error. But I have never been to a class I did not enjoy, and find I pop back and forthe between different styles depending upon my mood. Just don’t rush, give yourself time to learn how to do the poses correctly before moving on to more intense classes.

      • I LOVE yoga! I got back into it this fall and noticed that after a couple weeks my endurance in running really increased. I personally do a vinyasa style (some people call it flow). The best thing about yoga studios is most places have a new student deal so you can get a week or even a month unlimited! I think the key to pre-training is to enjoy yourself! Don’t get too bummed out if you don’t perform the way you want. Just start a habit. So long as you’re moving your body and testing it in different ways you’ll be much better off when the training officially starts!

  2. Totally get ya! I am now on the whole “losing weight to run” buzz too! and my slight hiccup with Pizza, I guess I didn’t have to eat the whole box tho! garr!I actually Love Level 2 of 30DS, Its 3 that always puts me in my place, all the explosive jumping and carry on 🙂

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