day 139: Running into a ditch

This was almost me today

Running is quite serious business. downright life threatening at times.
Today I decided to try out a new route in search for hills for my speedwork. The thing with new paths is that you don’t know what lies ahead of you. so I was running along and I saw  a mound of dirt ahead of me but though nothing of it. when I got closer, I realized the the dirt was from a ditch that was being dug along the road. WTF! and It wasn’t just a small ditch but really wide. first choice was to turn back because I was pretty sure there was no way I could make it across. But then I saw a runner coming up behind me and I didn’t want to seem like a chicken (apparently my pride is more important than my life.)
without giving it a second though I jumped. I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes and a mental image of myself falling into the ditch is permanently seared into my brain.

I made it across; just barely and my back foot was slightly sprained. Oi that’s the last time i’m going through that. on a more positive note I got in 5 miles and realized that I am way behind my goal for 100 miles a month. I have 13 days to get in 60 miles. (I am THAT behind) if i want to make sure my new year’s resolutions don’t fail in the first month, I gotta get in about 5 miles everyday. This is totally doable. I can try bust it out in the morning or break it down into two runs a day.

Eating wasn’t perfect today. I ate about 500 calories worth of nuts but fortunately my run made up for that. hopefully tomorrow will be better.




One thought on “day 139: Running into a ditch

  1. Guilty of this same exact thing! ha! The trick is to look like you had it sussed lol My experiance wasn’t as fortunate as yours, luckily that day I went bush! haha
    Hope you have a speedy recovery 🙂

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