Day 136: part Deux- marathon training


The date for my first marathon is June 29th. Its probably going to be the most expensive marathon i ever run. I need to pay for the registration, Airplane tickets, camping fees e.t.c.

I am still on my pre-training period and seem to be on track. my goal is to run anywhere between 30-50 miles a week before my actual training starts.

First day of marathon training will be February 24th. That is exactly 18 weeks to the full 42. Im really excited.  after todays run, I Hit a nike milestone. I am halfway through level blue which is about 1750 Km run. I need to get to 2500Km before I can move onto purple.

only 750Km left

only 750Km left

Running plan for the week

Mon: 5Km
Tue: 5Km
Wed: 8Km
Thu: 5Km
Fri: 8km
Sat: 5Km
Sun: 8km



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