Day 136: Back to a regular schedule and Food Prep for entire week

Back from holiday and time to get serious. Did some Cinderella duties and then decided to get some food prep done. I have a full schedule with no time to waste and food prep is a major time waste. That’s at least 10 minutes chopping and cutting and another 5 cleaning up.  That’s 105 minutes each week just for one meal. I would rather take an hour or two to prep once a week and be prepared for a whole week.

Food Prep

Step one: plan

Build up a menu for the week. One thing I do is look through my pantry to get a gist of what I already have. I then build up my menu around what I have there. Pick a main dish and side dish and some snacks

Step two: grocery store List and shop

Make a list. And stick to it.

Shop for all the ingredients you need.

A way to save money is buy in Bulk. Beans, grains and pasta should always be in your pantry. You can also try a food club or co-op

Buying organic is expensive but thee are some things that you should definitely spend on here is a list of the dirty dozen

12 Most Contaminated

▪   Peaches

▪   Apples

▪   Sweet Bell Peppers

▪   Celery

▪   Nectarines

▪   Strawberries

▪   Cherries

▪   Pears

▪   Grapes (Imported)

▪   Spinach

▪   Lettuce

▪   Potatoes

 Try and buy these organic

12 Least Contaminated

▪   Onions

▪   Avocado

▪   Sweet Corn (Frozen)

▪   Pineapples

▪   Mango

▪   Asparagus

▪   Sweet Peas (Frozen)

▪   Kiwi Fruit

▪   Bananas

▪   Cabbage

▪   Broccoli

▪   Papaya

(Source-Environmental working group

 Step three: Food prep

Boil and pressure cook

–       Split green grams

–       Lentils

Pre-cook grains and legumes. Soak them the night before and pressure cook for about 15-20 minutes.

Wash and clean broccoli and cauliflower
-Chop veggies

-Prep your greens. Wash and cut up.

-Anything that can be cooked in advance E.g. soups can be made.
Boil your eggs

Step four: Portion and store.

You can calculate your caloric value and store everything ready to eat. This will make tracking your food intake easy.

Everything is ready for salads and stir-fries for the whole week.




3 thoughts on “Day 136: Back to a regular schedule and Food Prep for entire week

  1. Great tips! I never thought of looking at what I already have to form the basis of what else I would buy, I am now thinking about how much money I waste buying unecessarily!
    One question I do have is, if you do all prep once, do you find fruit and veg that you store up keep for the entire week? Maybe its just me and the quality of the plastic ware I have, must invest in better stuff, may save me minutes too!
    Thanks for this post! 🙂

    • The great thing with making a menu is that you know exactly much to buy so as not too have too much that will go bad.
      With fruits, I only wash and have then ready to go.I don’t chop them up unless I will be using them to make smoothies. In this case, I portion them out and store them In ziploc bags to freeze. One bag= 1 smoothie. they can stay much longer in the freezer.
      With veggies, I always let them dry a bit after washing so that it can remove any excess moisture.I think this is what makes them start to go bad. I also put in a square of paper towel in the ziploc bag or container with the veg to absorb any excess moisture. this seems to keep the veg.
      I hope this helps 🙂

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