Day 133: Flying healthy.


Heathrow, London

Airplane food is gross. Unless you are flying first class which I don’t. So since I will be on a plane for about 7 hrs, I have decided to carry my own snacks and stay away from the food.

Some simple things to remember while flying:

-First don’t go to the airport hungry. Eat a big lunch or if your flying late at night a dinner.

-Make sure your foods don’t have gels or liquids in them


Here are some of the things I will be taking with me.


  • A protein: Greek yoghurt (you have to buy this at the airport- The terrorists have won)
  • One fruit or veggie: sliced apples and carrots in a Ziploc bag
  • One whole grain carbohydrate: I’m going for a bag of popcorn
  • Nuts and seeds: homemade trail-mix; some almonds, raisins, peanuts and pumpkin seeds. (Make sure you carry only as much as you can eat. Some places don’t allow you to carry seeds and fruits into the country)
  • Water (have to buy this after you go through security or carry an empty sigg water bottle and fill it up at a fountain- frugal much?)
  • String cheese
  • Protein bars, Luna bars or cliff bars



I know that sounds like a lot of food but I equate flying to eating, sleeping and watching movies. I love flying its like a mini vacation. I eat and watch as many movies as I can.

And don’t just sit around waiting for your flight. Walk around and get in some miles.



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