Day 132: Sometimes All you gotta do is run

This morning I got up and pounded out 5 miles in 59 minutes. it felt good. I think this is the best run I have had since the marathon.

Will be back to my usual schedule and usual routes once I get back home. back to logging in some serious runs.  I need to get back to my pre-marathon runs when getting out for a 10K was considered an easy run

I got on the scale. Bad Idea. I am up a few pounds. I don’t even want to write the number down. Anyways I came to the realization that I am not eating to lose wait. I am eating clean and healthy, but not with the goal to lose weight. Maybe if I was at goal and was maintaining, then it would work but not for weight loss. I need to be at goal before my marathon. It is necessary if I am to get my 3:45. Once I’m back in my element, I need to seriously work on what I eat and when I do it.


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