Day 130: Catching up and chocolate is my drug

I don’t think I have made an update about what I have been doing since the New Year began.

My plan was to start a 21-day whole food detox/cleanse but that hasn’t happened so far. I would start my day on plan but something at midday or evening would happen and I would go completely off plan. The main reason for this is because I haven’t planned and shopped for what I would need. Planning is essential.

The other thing I started but fell off track was the 30-day shred. I got to day 8 and even did level 2 & 3 but then the holiday and guests and travel came along and I just couldn’t sustain it. So I am starting over. It’s like the 8 days never happened. 2 days down and 9 to go for level one.

My pre-training marathon training is on track. So far I have been doing 5K every morning. No walking just running all the way trough. I have been taking it slow about 39 minutes for the run but I intend to pick it up a bit and get back to my 29 min/5k or less.

I need to start making mini weekly goals that have nothing to do with number losses. Just habits that I need to maintain if I am going to get my 3:45 marathon.

For this week

–       Drink 100 oz of water daily

–       Run 30-35 miles this week (one run has to be a 10k)

–       Keep carbs at 100g

–       30-day shred daily


My name is Linda and I am addicted to chocolate. I have a chocolate problem and I have tried to kick it but it won’t go away.

I think I have stayed away from the drug for a month or two but today I completely gave in.  Cadbury’s is especially hard for me to resist. Its like I always have to battle with my self at the check out counter at the supermarket and quite honestly it’s exhausting.

Today I went ahead and got some. The excuses I’m making for myself is that at least its dark and 80% cocoa. I got a 90g bar and told myself I would be good and only eat 15g which is about 3 small squares a day. But let’s be honest. There is no way that bar would last 6 days in my house. As of this evening I have already had 6 sqs, which is actually a victory for me. I know I shouldn’t bring these things into my house and obviously haven’t learned my lesson. Or maybe it can be once a month treat.


Here’s to hopping tomorrow will be a better day.


3 thoughts on “Day 130: Catching up and chocolate is my drug

  1. Hi Linda, have only just started to follow your blog and have only read bits and pieces of it so far. I love how you are so determined and so honest with yourself, it sounds like you love to plan, and you plan to get it right! 🙂 You are much more strict than I with your diet, not overly sure how your diet plan works but if it fits would you maybe have allowances of smaller amounts of chocolate on planned days to curb those niggling cravings that may ultimatly cause you to eat the whole thing …*like I do* lol I HAVE to have my wee bits every now and then otherwise I will just cave and eat the whole thing!!!
    Any way nice to meet you, will be following on your progress to marathon 🙂

  2. Hey Linda,
    I have a similar problem with sweets (ie chocolate and anything sweet) so I decided that if I am going to have some sweets I just do it and let myself feel bad, and usually that stops me from doing it for a month or so. It appears to work (for me anyway) and I am able to go more than a month now – bu it isnt easy – keep at it, and do that 10k run. love your blog

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