Day 126:Detox re-do and back to serious running

Since my detox did not end as well as I hoped, I am doing it over again. We got guests staying over and I just couldn’t maintain feeding them and sticking to my plan. The great thing about my first detox is that I now know that I can do it. I was never hungry, I kept on plan for the 8/10 days I was doing it and I now have the tools to be successful. The detox wasn’t a complete failure because I lost 4 pounds in the first four days.

The one thing I didn’t like about my detox was the amount of carbs I was consuming. The green monster and some of the soups I made were really carb heavy and the fruit I was eating was also not helping. I want to try and re-do the cleanse and make it lower in carbs. For fruits, I will stick to berries and leave the tropical sugary fruits.

I am going to try and create a lower carb version of the green monster and also keep the soups as low carb as I can get them.

Some of the veggies I was eating were carrots and beets, which are really high in carb. Those have to be cut out for this period.


This time round. I am doing it for 21 days. By the end of this time, I hope to be in the 150’s. I was going to start Monday but why wait. Day one will be tomorrow and will last until 25th. My final weigh-in will be Saturday 26th.


  • Breakfast will stay the same

-Warm lemon water (16oz water and juice of half a lemon)

-Green tea

-32oz-distilled water

-Green monster smoothie
Low carb green monster

½ cup strawberries

I cup spinach and I cup Swiss chard

I Medium cucumber

1-cup soymilk

½ cup of water


  • Lunch will also be similar to my 10-day detox

Various salads, with lots of raw veggies and avocado and tofu

Stir fry- broccoli, cauliflower, French beans, sugar snap peas and green and red peppers


  • Dinner will be my low carb veggie soups

-Cabbage and mixed vegetable soup

-Butternut squash curry soup

-Lentil soup

-Split pea soup


I have also slacked on my running and I am going to start tomorrow. I haven’t done more than 10K since my marathon and I intent on getting back to my 10k+ weekend runs. Goal for January is 100miles. I need to seriously start focusing at the beginning so as not to run around like a chicken with the head cut off.





5 thoughts on “Day 126:Detox re-do and back to serious running

  1. You done a great job! Thank for you telling me to join the
    I started it from yesterday, why didn’t they count the cal. that I burn from my strength training, will I input wrong?

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