Day 125:Pre-training marathon Training

When we start contemplating running a marathon, we immediately think to get a training Plan.  My first marathon was not well thought out and as a result, it wasn’t very successful. This time round I am determined to get at this marathon with surgical precision.

I plan on getting an 18Wk-training schedule and as a result have about 6 weeks before my actual training start. This got me thinking, is there anything I could be doing to train for the training. A kind of pre-training if you may.

After scouring the interwebs, I have consolidated a few things that one can do before the actual 16-18 wk. training you might be embarking on.



The pre training period is the time for you to build your running base. This is the foundation for your marathon training and in turn your actual run. During this time, you should be going out 5-7 days a week and logging in about 20-25 miles.  As the weeks go by add mileage and work on improving your speed. Make sure you diversify your runs. Include hills and different terrains to ensure that you can conquer whatever comes.



This is also the time you should be working on our fitness. You need to make sure to take the time to reach the level of fitness required to successfully complete your marathon training and your actual marathon. Cross training is your friend during this period. Whether it is swimming, riding bikes or doing some other type of cardio and weight lifting. All this things in the long run will help you with your endurance for the training and the actual run.

Fuel your body

Figure out what your body needs to fuel itself for runs.  You need to know what to eat and when to eat for maintaining energy and also for maximum post run recovery. Try different foods to see what works for you. This is your time to experiment.  See how eating different things affect your runs and keep the positives one on hand for your training. during this period, I will be trying to figure out if I can run on a low carb diet. I looked around at a few blogs with people who have managed to stay relatively low carb and run sucessfuly. I will use this time to see if the same will work for me. if not, I will have enough time to change up my diet.

By the time you start your actual training, you should have a strong running and fitness base. You should understand how your body works in different situations and predict how best to handle them. Having a strong base will also help prevent injuries that may occur due to lack of preparation.

Here is to a great pre-training training.


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