Day 123: Day 9 detox, prepping for marathon

Day 9 of detox was more of a success than yesterday. Tomorrow is the last day of my 10-day detox plan but since I cheated quite a few times (two), I am going to continue with the eating plan. It is quite a manageable plan that I think I can maintain.

Green smoothie and green tea for breakfast

A large protein filled salad for lunch and,

Soup for Dinner

What I need to do is keep my eating clean and watch my carbs.


The other major plan for 2013 is my goal to run two marathons. I have already picked out the races and one is in June while the second one is in October.

I want to focus more than ever on my running and my goal is to break into the 9-min pace. The mantra I am borrowing from Nike is # Make it count.

nike obstacles

nike fun run



What I am struggling with is when to start my training. I learned the hard way last time that you can’t train for a marathon and lose weight at the same time. You need to fuel your runs and that’s goes against my weight loss mode. I need to lose at least 10Kgs before I get to my first marathon in June.

The very latest I can start my training is mid February and I Need to do something to get the ball rolling.

I have decided on a marathon plan that I think I can do.

I am using the Hal Higdon training plan.

It’s an 18wk plan that has you running 5 days a week, resting for one day and cross training for the other. I have this tendency to want to run everyday but I will stick to the plan because the experts know best.

18 week marathon training plan

18 week marathon training plan

Plan for January is to focus on weight loss and get out for a run 6-7 days a week. When February gets here, I will get started on my 18wk plan.

It’s gonna be a great year I can feel it.


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