Day 122: Last blog of 2012; Day 8 whole food detox(I cheated) and 2012 summary

Today was day 8 of my detox and it started off well. Then I had a lunch date and I ate fries. The worst possible thing that I could have eaten and I felt like shit afterwards. Not just guilty but my body felt like it had eaten junk. It was so not worth it. Hindsight is 20/20. I wont beat myself up over it. Tomorrow I pick back up again and finish of my 10 days.

I am also happy to announce that I accomplished my December running challenge. I got in 103 mi, which is three miles over my goal, and I went for a run/jog/walk all 31 days of December 2013. Happy dance.

Averaged 3 miles a day

Averaged 3 miles a day

that sho’ is a lovely picture.


Lets get the not so great news out of the way. I weighed in at 169.2. I am taking this with a grain of salt because of AF.  I will weigh-in again after the week is over.

So 2012 wasn’t a great year in terms of weight loss.
1/1/2012 I weighed in at: 186.8

12/31/12 I weighed in at: 169.2

That means I only lost 17.6 pounds, which is truly terrible.I only averaged 1.5 lb. a month, which ironically is my weekly weight loss goal.

On the brighter side, I am stronger and faster and I have also gone down a few clothes sizes. I might not have lost lbs., but I lost tons of inches. and built muscles. I haven’t had a soda all year and my drink of choice is now water. Looking forward to cooking more of my own food and sharing more with my blog peeps.


I ran a total of 907.75 miles in 2012 in a total of 230 hrs.52 minutes 43 second. I am really proud of this and I cant believe I kept it going. My goal for 2013 is to average 100 mi every month and so I hope to improve on 2012.

I cringe at april only 9.5mi.

I cringe at april only 9.5mi.

I am also just a happier person this year.


Have a great crossing of the year.



7 thoughts on “Day 122: Last blog of 2012; Day 8 whole food detox(I cheated) and 2012 summary

  1. You look happier, and you have progressed. Don’t be so down on yourself. Take pride in what you’ve accomplished. And, the fact that you felt like shit after eating french fries, rather than guilty, is a good sign. When the bad stuff doesn’t appeal to you, that’s a good sign. Have a great 2013.

    • losing weight has to be one of the hardest thing to do. I think I have learnt that taking it one day at a time is the best approach. especially if you are low on patience 😉
      don’t give up.

      • I will let you know what worked for me and you can try it out or change it up a bit to suit you.

        1. I started tracking everything i ate. keep a food journal for a few days and see how many calories you are eating. You can write it down or use an App or online tool. I use it takes time to get used to writing down everything you eat but after a while you realize its only a minute or two of your day.

        2. move your body. I started by walking for a few minutes a few days a week. or if you live close to work or where you shop. walk there instead of driving. get your family to go out for a walk with you and explore your neighborhood. now I walk every where I go.

        3. since you love to cook and bake, challenge your self to make healthier options of what you are cooking. this will make it more interesting and fun. I love cookies and breads and I had to learn what else i could include in the cookies to make them healthier and what I could reduce.

        I have written a bit more about what I did to lose the weight here.
        i hope this helps.

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