Day 118: whole food detox day 4

Today was similar to yesterday foodwise. However I went to the grocery store to replenish my fresh foods and the fresh break smell from the bakery nearly killed me. I think I read somewhere that the smell of fresh bread triggers the brain and makes people hungry and that more supermarkets make sure there is a fresh bread smell in there to make you purchase more food.


It almost worked on me today. I was so hungry and the temptation to get over and but a fresh warm bun was almost too much. I resisted.

I did however cheat on my detox today. I had an egg for breakfast. I woke up surprisingly hungry and it was raining with thunderstorms outside. As a result, I missed my morning run and slept in thinking of nothing other than fresh toast with melted peanut butter with an egg on top. The fact that I only had the egg and none of the other goodness is a WIN.

Breakfast: green smoothie, lemon water, green tea and 32oz water
Mid-day snack: banana
Lunch: Thai stir fry (broccoli, greenbeans, Zucchini,garlic thai paste), guacamole, half an apple and carrot
Afternoon snack: Nuts and green tea
Dinner: butternut squash soup, tofu chuncks

Tomorrow I will be halfway through my detox. I think from her it will be smooth sailing as long as I plan my meals ahead of time.


We have guests coming over for new-year and I am trying to think of a way I can continue with my food plan and still make them food.

Any Ideas??