Day 115: Detox day one



Who starts a detox/cleanse the day before Christmas? This girl. I went back and forth about when to start and just decided to go ahead and do it. I’m skipping Christmas this year. That is the eating part. I mean I have already had 24 Christmases before and I am sure to get many more especially if I get my health in check. One Christmas wont kill me. If you haven’t read my plan, here is a link.


Day 1

5:31 am- got up

5:45 am- drank 16OZ warm water with juice of half a lemon
Advantages of lemon water

  • Boost immune system: Lemons are high in Vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C is great for fighting colds and potassium stimulates brain and nerve function and helps control blood pressure.
  • Balances Ph : Lemons are an incredibly alkaline food. They are acidic but inside the body, they are alkaline. An alkaline body is the key to good health
  • Helps with weight loss: Lemons are high in pectin fiber, which helps fight hunger cravings.
  • Aids Digestion: The warm water serves to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and peristalsis—the waves of muscle contractions within the intestinal walls that keep things moving. Lemons and limes are also high in minerals and vitamins and help loosen ama, or toxins, in the digestive tract.
  • Acts as a natural Diuretic: Lemon juice helps flush out unwanted materials because lemons increase the rate of urination in the body. Toxins are, therefore, released at a faster rate, which helps keep your urinary tract healthy.
  • Clears skin: The vitamin C helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes. Lemon water purges toxins from the blood which helps keep skin clear as well.

6:00 am- morning run 3 miles

7:00am- 32oZ water

8:30 am- Green monster

Lunch: carrots, cucumber and homemade hummus 32oZ water

4:00pm -green tea and 1 serving of nuts

5:30-pm-Jillian Michaels 30 day shred

Dinner: lentil and carrot soup 32oZ water



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