Day 113: Weigh-in

No real reason for sharing this. it just made me chuckle.

No real reason for sharing this. it just made me chuckle.

I actually weighed in yesterday but forgot to blog it.

Last weigh-in – 169.6

Current weight= 168.2

Loss= 1.4


I was hoping for more but I am happy with the loss. My ideal loss would be about 2.2 but if I am totally honest with myself, the work I put in with my workouts and my eating this last week would not have given me a higher number.

If I want to see big numbers, I need to put the work in. I skipped three days of level one of 30DS.  The first time I skipped it, I did it twice the following day. I missed this thursday and friday and today I plan on doing both level one and two just to make up for it. after christmas I will start level two. my plan is to do both one and two on the same day instead of just starting with two. This is burn more calories and prepare me for level three.

Yesterday’s blog was about my Ten day Detox. I’m putting it off until after Christmas so that there are no interruptions and cheat days. I talked my mum into doing it with me and so we will make sure that the only food in the house is what is on plan. I think this way the temptation to cheat will be out of the question.

I will be making a shopping list for the whole ten days and will share at a later day with the specific of what I will be eating.

That’s all for now 🙂


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