Day 112: Ten day detox

I have exactly ten days before I my goal of getting to 159.9 lbs. will I make it? Probably not. I would have to lose anywhere about 9lbs in ten days, unless I can lose a pound daily, this is just a dream. But this doesn’t mean I am giving up. I will try as hard as I can until my final weigh in.

The other problem is that this could not come at a worse time. There is Christmas which means lots of food and New-year which means lots of alcohol. I think in order to keep myself in check; I need to keep to some type of goal. I might not be perfect, but I think I will do better than if I just decided to wing it and wait for the New Year for weight loss.

I have decided to do some type of detox and not the kind where I do something crazy like the master cleanse (which I had thought of doing earlier this month). I am going a healthier more holistic way.


The Plan.

The NO NO  list

  • Sugar (any type)
  • Animal products (this includes fish, eggs)
  • Dairy 9 milk or cheese
  • Caffeine (only green tea allowed)
  • Alcohol and Nicotine
  • Soda ( not even diet people)
  • Any processed food
  • Grains or anything made from white flour


1.Make one of your meals a green smoothie
switch out of your meals with a green smoothie.

These are pretty versatile and can be made to one’s taste. The basic are: almond or soymilk, some greens e.g. spinach or kale, vegetables you have laying around and some fruit. I think these are great for breakfast and protein powder can also be added

2.Make of your meals a large green salad

You could have this for lunch or dinner. This can also be made to your taste. Make it interesting by changing up salad dressing (make it by yourself). The types of vegetables you can add to these are limitless. You can also add some beans or chickpeas to make it heartier. Adding some seeds can also boost up the nutritional value of your meal. Tofu is your friend here

3.Make on your meals a hearty soup
you can make a chunky vegetable soup, a creamy soup or a combination of the two. I think make two or three types of your favorite soups and you can alternate between the soups and the salad for your lunch and diner.

4.You Gotta sweat
You must have at least 30-60 minutes of exercise daily. Work up a sweat and increase your heart rate. Anything from a run, to yoga or even an exercise video as long as you are moving.  To make it more interesting, you could pick up something different to do for the ten days. Or workout a different body part over the time period.

5.Drink lots of water

Make it between 75-100 oz daily. I don’t think you can have too much water. (well maybe) but I think you should drink as much as you can possibly stand. Think of all the exercise you will be getting going back and forth to the bathroom ;-). We are eliminating all type of drinks except for green tea and water (not counting the green smoothie). When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and wait 30 minutes before eating anything else, if you are still hungry after this, then go ahead and have a snack. But your snack should be a cup of green tea 😉

I think this is a doable plan and you only have to stick to it for ten days.  The period is not too long but long enough to give you body a break and reboot.  I will be attempting this detox in the next ten days; I know it will not be perfect due to Christmas and new years. However I will be repeating it again after the holiday is done and will stick to it to the T.




2 thoughts on “Day 112: Ten day detox

  1. Goals are important, but it’s just as important to concentrate on the progress you made. Stay committed, but be proud of what you achieved.

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