Day 109: lethargy and working out

Yup! It’s setting in. I wanted to use December to set routines for working out and eating healthy. The thing no one told me is that routine is boring and once you get bored, it’s easier to skip the routine.

Lets start with the 30DS. I though having a workout I had to do for 30 straight days would get me back into working out regularly. At first it worked but now 7 days in, I already skipped yesterday. To be honest, it was due to circumstances beyond my control but part of me was happy I didn’t have to do it. I decided that I would do the workout twice today just to make up for yesterday but once I put the DVD on, I did the warm-up and the first circuit (halfheartedly of course) and switched it off. I just did not feel like repeating the same thing I have been doing over and over again. I still have an hour and a half before I have to leave the house and I hope I can get it back on and just finish the damn 30 minutes.

My second goal of running everyday is going a lot better. I have logged in miles everyday but the only problem is that I am not getting my target mileage. By this week I should have been averaging 5 miles but I’m still doing between 3 and 4.5. The only bright side is that I think I will actually make this goal. I’m crossing my fingers that I can at least go for a walk on Christmas day if not a run.


I guess the underlying issue with working out and losing weight is how bad do you truly want it. I would like to think that I want it bad, but my actions today with stopping the DVD after only ten minutes tells something different.

how bad

How bad do you want it to wake up every morning and run? How bad do you want it to make it through a workout even when you don’t feel like it and how bad do you want it to make better food choices and not give in to temporary cravings.



After writing this, I popped in the DVD and finished my first workout of the day. I will do it again after I get back home before supper.