Day 107: Mid month check in.


At the beginning of this month I had a few goals.

One was to get to 159.9lbs by the end of the year. That probably wont happen unless I lose 9 pounds in the next 15 days.

The other was to run everyday this month and at least get to 100miles run. so far i have not missed a day of running/jogging/power walk. and so far my total miles for december are 58.95mi. This means I only have 41 miles to cover in the next two week. I am pretty sure I can get it done.

Goal number three was to start the 30DS and try and do it continuously for 30 days. It’s only day five but I am loving it. I can also see improvements as I can now do the Push-ups and even the bicycle kicks for a whole minute without stoping. The great thing about 30DS is that you can gradually see improvements.

I think I am almost ready to start Insanity. I will be doing my Fit test on January first and then start the 60 days. I think this is what I need to get to goal weight for my two marathons next year. I’m looking at all sorts of marathon training plans and have still yet to settle on one specific plan. I better do it soon because i only have two weeks left before training for marathon number one. I know most plans are about four months long and yet my race is about 6 months away. i wonder if its possible to over train.

other than the weight-loss (which is the purpose of this journey) I am on track for december goals. I am going to try and not sabotage myself for next weeks weigh-in.

Make good choices!