Day 105: Negotiating with yourself

I do this all the time. Mostly because the enemy to my progress is myself. Getting up in the morning to run is a still a struggle for me. Especially when I am not training for anything or have some type of goal I am running towards.

Back in September and October I did over 160 miles each month. I woke up in the morning with the sole goal of getting out for a run. I didn’t dally around in bed and there wasn’t an option of not going out.

Now that I don’t have a race in about 7 months, getting up to run is harder than the actually running.
Today morning, I was in bed for a full 30 minutes trying to convince myself to get out of bed. I always put out my clothes the night before and it takes me about 5 minutes to go to the bathroom, get dressed and out the door.

I came up with every excuse in the book to not go out. In the end I negotiated with myself. If I could go out for a run, I only had to do 2 miles. This seemed like a good compromise. But then I started thinking; my goal for December states that in week 2, I have to average 4 miles daily. Two miles would be too little.

More turning around in bed ensued. In the end, I decided that two miles would be Ok but I would have to run the entire way with no walking break in between.

So I did. I went out and struggled through 2.25 miles and ran the whole way.


Today is day 4 Of 30 DS. I hope I can make it to day 30 continuously. So far I have logged in miles on my Nike running app everyday and I think December will be my perfect month.


Tomorrow is the halfway mark of my challenge to weigh 159.9 before the end of this year. At this point in my journey, I should be about 164. Pounds. This is gonna be a tough one because at the beginning on the challenge on Dec 1, I was at 168.2. The following week I went over the rails and didn’t weigh in at all.


Its gonna be tough But I am crossing my fingers for a good weigh in.