Day 104: Eat Clean, Train Dirty


I am not one of those people who believe a calorie is a calorie. I know for a fact that when I eat clean, Non- processed foods, I lose weight as opposed to when its all junk. I also know that my body tolerates less carbs better than it does more carbs.

My eating is finally getting back to control and as a result my body is feeling a lot better. I feel lighter and can even feel my stomach become flatter and less bloated.

Today I went out to lunch with a friend but ate a low carb salad before I left the house. My plan was to get an iced coffee while she ate. we went to a pizza bistro with lots of great vegetarian pizza and a make your own pasta bar. i was sooooo tempted to just get a pasta with lots of veggies but I knew i would regret it almost immediately. So I watched my friend enjoy her pasta and stuck to my non-sweetened coffee ( I also resisted the side of syrup they served with the coffee. yay me)

Temptation number two was when I went to the grocery store and almost bought some breakfast bars that were really high in cabrs. ok only 17 but they were so tiny and not worth it.i’ll probably get them when I start marathon training but now I need to focus on my end of year goal.

I want to embrace the mantra “ eat clean train dirty”  that is my ideal state of being. That is where I am happiest at. when I feel that my food has been spot on and I have exercised to teh best of my abilities. Today was such  a day.

I got in 3.5 miles, ate less than 59g of carbs and did my 30DS workout video. I am definitely improving with the workouts. day 1 of 30DS I could only do about 2 push-ups at a time. yesterday I think I got to about 4 and a half. today I could do ten without once stopping. I felt the burn Yo!

All is good in weight loss world. I hope it shows on the scale. i don’t think I can psychologically handle it if it doesnt. I might go off the rails and eat cake( which wont be helping me much.)