Day 102: Finally got to 1000mi run on Nike and 30DS

Why did I not get one of this on my profile ;(


First I have a confession. I went off plan yesterday and in the worst possible way. After my big talk yesterday of going to under 100g of carbs daily, I went out to run errands and my mum decided we should go and eat lunch at a restaurant. For some reason when I eat out I must have fries (lord help me but I do love me some fries). I thought I could resist, but when the menu came in the thought of just having the Spanish omelet (sans potatoes) did not feel appealing. So I got the Omelet with fries. (Hangs head in shame). The rest of my meals were low carb and so I hope it balances out. Still my carbs for yesterday were about 124g. Ugh.


So far today I am right on track with netting <50g.  Nothing will derail me.


Today I was determined to go out for my run. The past 3 days I have opted for walks instead. Well it seems that my body had slacked and this morning my 4mile run took me an hour to complete. That’s about 20 minutes too long. But at least I went and I got in my run.

In other running milestone news, I reached my goal of 1000mi runs on Nike yesterday. Yay. I though I would get a badge or something that I could post on my blog but apparently, Nike doesn’t think running 1000mi is a milestone worthy of a badge. (Damn it I want a badge.)


I got home and did my 30-day shred (30DS) and it was relatively easy. Its divided into 3 levels and you do each level for 10 days. The levels get progressively harder as you go along. I remember the first time I attempted it; the cardio parts were the hardest. The jumping jacks, but kicks and skipping rope would really wear me out. This time round it was like a breeze. No effort at all.

The hardest part of the workout was the pushups. I can’t do push-ups to save my life. I had to do the modified version and I still had to take breaks. If I can go through the whole set by the end of 30 days I will consider that a major victory.

I took pictures of my self so that I could gauge my progress and they are too disgusting to put up. I don’t want to scare away my readers. I have saved them and maybe once I finish the 30 days, I will have the guts to post them on my 30DS page.