Day 101: Getting back to business


I have exactly 21 days left to get to my goal of 159.9. I have no idea how much I weigh this week because I was too chicken to face the scale. But I shall not dwell on the past. I have a plan for this coming week and I will be ready to face the scale next Sunday. (gods give me the strength to not be tempted to get on any sooner.)

I have a menu set and I have my exercise plan ready to go.

The Plan


  • I am going to try and go as low carb as I can this week. In the past, my ceiling has been 100g but I will lower that to 50g of carbs daily.
  • My breakfast will be TVP patties, two eggs and avocado with salsa

    typical breakfast

  • For lunch I will have my usual salad of lettuce, egg, tofu and salsa or my Thai egg and zucchini fry
  • For Dinner I will make two soups my famous butternut nut curry soup and a lentil soup. To change it up, I might make a veggie stir-fry.
  • For a snack, I will have some roasted nuts.
  • Goal for water is to keep at 4 liters a day and I will drink lots of tea with lemon.
  • I am also trying to get off sugar (I usually have a teaspoon with my tea). I will replace the sugar with lemon
  • All the recipes above are on my blog.

The exercise

  • I will keep up with my December plan and week two requires I run at least 4 miles daily.
  • I will also 30 day shred starting tomorrow. My plan is to get in the 30 Minute video right after I get home from my run.
  • I will also start my 100 crunches a day challenge.

My hope this week is that I will keep my December goal in mind and this will help me get back in the groove. I am still contemplating my cleanse and depending on how this week goes, I might do it on Saturday or Sunday. I don’t want this cleanse to be weight loss related. That is I am not doing it with the intent of losing weight but mostly to clean out my system, which I feel, is just blocked up. I’m still gassy and bloated and its makes life uncomfortable.  Being sluggish means my runs feel horrible and I’m not motivated to do any exercise.

I also promise no more skipping weigh-ins. I need to hold myself accountable for my mistakes. That is the only way I will learn to control myself.