Day 98: Food Friday-quick low carb, high protein; Thai egg and zucchini lunch

I think I will devote my Friday blogging to food. I will try and have a new recipe or interesting food fact to aid in weight loss.

I’m a veg and I’m try to live a relatively low carb high protein existence and its damn near impossible. I put up a few easy vegetarian recipes earlier this week and they are all pretty high in carb (not by too much but still up there)

This week I feel gassy, bloated and my stomach feels like I am carrying twins. I think it might be all the chickpeas I have been eating. I am thinking about doing a cleanse just for one day.  But still haven’t decided what.


Anyway Today I got my insanity and 30DS in the mail. I put on my workout clothes and decided to watch through the Insanity and see what I am in for. I did the Max cardio circuit and it was a killer. Edit* I only did the 10 minute warm-up and I was ready to pass out.  I watched the rest of the DVD and tried out a few of the moves here and there just to get used to them. After going through it, I have decided I need to get my fitness level up before I can tackle this series.

I will do the 30 days Shred for 30 continuous days and after I can do that without much trouble, I will be ready for Insanity.

After the workout, I need a quick meal that would be filling and low in carbs. I only had some eggs in the fridge and the chickpeas (which I am not touching again for at least a month.)

Here is what I came up with.


Thai egg and zucchini fry-up


2 eggs boiled

a small zucchini ( finely julienned)

Thai stir fry paste: basil garlic and chili (use any paste you have)

Tbsp. of olive oil or vegetable broth (I’m trying to cook without oil so I use the broth)

Half an avocado (optional)


  1. put oil/broth on a pan
  2. Add the zucchini and a tbsp. of Thai paste.
  3. Cook it down for a minute
  4. Chop boiled eggs and add them to pan
  5. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and cook for a minute
  6. Serve with avocado


Julienned zucchini

Julienned zucchini

Thai Spice. Yum

Thai Spice. Yum

Chop up the eggs

Chop up the eggs

cook up the egg and zucchini for about a minute

cook up the egg and zucchini for about a minute

serve with avocado

serve with avocado

This meal is pretty simple and quick. You can even make it quicker by having boiled eggs handy. It is absofreakinlutely delicious.


Calories 288

Protein 13g

Net carbs: 2g



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