Day 96: Easy Vegetarian Meals

As a college gal, I need some easy and quick meals I can make that are cheap and healthy.

Not all these are low carb in nature but they are Yummy 🙂

  • English muffin Pizza

– English muffin open

– I tea spoon tomato sauce

-sprinke cheese

-bake 300 degrees 5 mins

  • angel hair pasta and veggies

– pasta

– veggies: green and red pepper

– toss with olive oil and spice to taste

  • skillet potatoes

– cube 1 or 2 potatoes

-cut green and red pepper

-microwave potatoes for 2 mins to cook faster

– place in a hot skillet and cook in olive oil for about 10 minutes

-add peppers and onions and garlic

-spice to taste and cook for additional 5 min


  • rice and eggs

-1 chopped onion

-I egg

-1 cup rice

-soy sauce

-cook rice

-fry egg and onion together

-add in rice and soy sauce to taste

  • ramen noodle chopped salad

-cook noodle with spice

-chop cabbage and veggies at hand

-make dressing with vinegar and olive oil

-toss and enjoy

Run Stats(Dec 5)

Finally got out of the 40’s and ran the whole way.

Distance: 3mi
Pace:  13’07″/mi
Time: 39:30


2 thoughts on “Day 96: Easy Vegetarian Meals

  1. Thanks for the quick recipes! I’m trying to cook a bit healthier this week but my mom’s out of town and I work the graveyard shift so I’m trying to look for faster meals this week. These are pretty much what I needed.

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