Day 93: was another struggle to get out of bed. Hit the snooze button at least twice. The only thing that got me out of bed was my blog and the fat that I had made a promise to run everyday this month and reach my goals. Who knew it? Keeping a journal actually helps.

I woke up and told myself, one of the tips for getting back into running was creating a routine. So Today I was determined to get out even it meant walking all the way.  I made progress, I ran longer than I did yesterday and faster. Not by much but small improvements are key.



Yesterday  (Dec 1)

Distance: 2.85mi
Pace: 15.45
Time 45.03


Today (Dec 2)

Distance: 3.16mi
Pace 14.17
Time 45.16
Fastest pace, 8min/mi


I’m right on track for my average of 3mi daily. Tomorrow I might try and push it even more. I need to get back to my 30-minute 3mi.

I’m still working on my goals and I can’t seem to figure out exactly want I should be aiming for and what my rewards should be. At least my progress page is getting there just no pictures yet.